Why Give to Endowments at Northwest Christian?

A quality education that honors Christ …

Our children and grandchildren are our greatest resource for the future. Endowments ensure that they have access to a Christ-centered education – an education that values excellence, individual responsibility and truth.

Impact the world with your gifts to Northwest Christian Schools’ endowments;    help ensure quality Christian education for this and future generations.  Currently, the assets in our endowments provide enough annual income to keep tuitions at least 20% lower than they would be without them.  Through your gifts and the careful management provided by our Foundation, these endowments will continue to grow and provide for affordable tuition, honorable salaries for teachers and staff, and scholarship funds for students in need – year after year after year.  Currently, our endowments include:

  • Dorothy Allen Scholarship Endowment
  • Lew Button Scholarship Endowment
  • Grinalds’ Endowment
  • Harmon Memorial Scholarship Endowment
  • Valentine and Winifred Kreidel Scholarship Endowment
  • Arnold Pierce Memorial Scholarship Endowment
  • Dr. Eugene Fadel Fine Arts Chair
  • General Endowment

Many donors choose to give regularly to an existing endowment. The Dr. Eugene Fadel Fine Arts Chair was established to fund a Dean of Fine Arts to ensure an enduring and exceptional Fine Arts program at NWCS.

You may prefer to establish a new endowment now or through your estate plan.   Be assured that your thoughtful planning will be honored with sound stewardship.  Established in 1996, the NWCS Foundation consists of volunteers with a heart for the Lord and Northwest Christian.  They each are accomplished in their field and have served the school faithfully. The Foundation meets monthly.

Gifts of any amount today, or a bequest in your will designating Northwest Christian Schools, Inc. as beneficiary, is an effective way to impact future generations – the leaders of tomorrow.  Endowments ensure that they have access to a Christ-centered education – an education that values excellence, individual responsibility and Truth.

Dr. Eugene Fadel Fine Arts Chair

Dr. FadelDr. Eugene Fadel is a beloved “founding father” of Northwest Christian Schools. Beginning in 1949, Dr. Fadel was NWC’s first music director. In addition, he served as teacher, counselor, and principal through 1956.

In the fall of 2007, to honor Dr. Fadel’s love of music, his investment in the lives of students, his love for NWC and his love for the Lord Jesus Christ, the Dr. Eugene Fadel Fine Arts Endowment was established. This $1 million endowment will help elevate, bolster and sustain the arts at Northwest Christian Schools.


Contact Information

If the Fine Arts are near and dear to your heart, you are invited to share in achieving the goal, please contact:

Northwest Christian Schools
5104 E. Bernhill Road
Colbert, WA 99005
Contact: Terry Meyer, Director of Advancement and Community Relations
Phone: 509-238-4005 x 139
Email: Terry Meyer at tmeyer@nwcs.org