High School

NWC_HS_016Every student at Northwest Christian Schools has unlimited potential in Christ Jesus. Our students are equipped for works of service, taught to see things from God’s perspective, and encouraged to live by the Spirit for the sake of Christian service in a broken, sinful world. Our goal in these four years is to prepare our students to stand on their own as Christians and to lay hold of their futures in God.

Prepared in Mind

Our high school’s curriculum stimulates and supports students to experience what they have learned by promoting connectedness between core academic disciplines. Our goal is to help our students develop as independent lifelong learners. Every course is taught with a Biblically integrated mindset. No academic discipline or subject can truly be separated from God’s truth. Our instructors are state certified professionals in the areas of their expertise. They set an academically rigorous, yet loving tone, in the classroom. We strongly encourage application of the truth students are learning into their everyday lives.  More information about our high school curriculum can be found here in the Secondary Course Offerings Booklet.

Transformed in Heart

Quality Christian education will help develop young people who are “right thinkers,” who have “right attitudes,” and who thus exhibit “right conduct” for the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ. Truly understanding God’s truth and knowledge will inspire Godly conduct. Our teachers strive to be Godly role models who are passionate in their commitment to Christ.

The graduates of Northwest Christian Schools demonstrate a desire to imitate Christ, to integrate knowledge with the Bible as their guiding light, and to influence the world for the sake of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Other Activities

Sports and extracurricular activities are an important part of high school life. We are proud of all of our programs as we encourage students to apply Christian principles of commitment, obedience, dependability, respect, leadership, integrity, fortitude, sensitivity, humility, and loyalty. Students compete in soccer, volleyball, cross-country, cheerleading, basketball, track and field, baseball, softball, wrestling and golf. The fine arts program includes art, band, choir, and theater.

Contact Information

If you have additional questions about the application process or the NWCS program, please contact:

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