Crusader-Club-Logo-10-13Attention all NWCS Supporters!

NWCS is pleased to announce that we have a booster club called the CRUSADER CLUB!

The mission of the club is to:

  • Raise revenue for the NWCS athletic programs
  • Foster the NWCS community spirit
  • Create involvement opportunities for students, parents, Alumni and the community
  • Identify ways to use athletics to spur spiritual growth in our students

The Crusader Club has implemented a sponsorship program that we believe all families and NWCS supporters will be able to participate in. Three levels of sponsorship are available at the $100, $500 and $1000 levels. Each of these offer varying levels of the following opportunities:

  • Advertisement/exposure of your family or business
  • Significant support for Athletic programs at NWCS

Thank you to our generous Crusader Club Sponsors!

More detailed information about the Crusader Club levels of sponsorship is available here.

Another way to support the Crusader Club is through your volunteer support.  For more information, download the informational pamphlet.  You can volunteer in concessions, apparel sales, special events or as a Crusader Club Committee member.

The Crusader Club brings positive support to our Athletic program in many ways!

  1. In the past few years, the Crusader Club was able to support the Athletic program at NWCS by purchasing the following items (among others):
    • 12 passenger van for transportation
    • wrestling mats essential to the start-up of the new program
    • a multi-sport scoreboard for the upper campus playfield used by soccer, football, and cross country
    • facility upgrades and equipment purchases for softball, baseball, and golf
    • pole vaulting poles needed to add the pole vault event to the track team
    • pep band music
    • elementary & middle school athletic equipment
    • middle school football equipment necessary to start new program
    • gym sideline chairs
    • 3 announcer sheds and sound systems for outdoor sports
    • cheerleading boxes
  2. Concessions sales to fans and community members have also provided the teams volunteering in the booth with earned income paid directly to their team accounts.
  3. Connections have been built in the NWCS community through special events: Homecoming in the fall and the Spring Swing day at the ball fields.
  4. School spirit is raised through apparel and spirit gear sold by the Crusader Club.
  5. Teams are supported through the Crusader Club Facebook page with informative and inspirational posts.
  6. Food and drink items have been provided to referees and athletic department volunteers.
  7. Community business ties have been made through the sponsorship program.

The desire of both the leadership of the school and the Crusader Club is to provide adequate facilities, a great coaching staff, and the proper equipment that will allow the most students to participate in a variety of events that will enhance their God-given gifts and grow their character. To continue to develop our athletic programs, we need your help. Please prayerfully consider choosing a level of sponsorship and/or a way to volunteer with the Crusader Club.

Contact Information

For more information about The Crusader Club, please contact:

Malinda Nelson, Crusader Club Director
509.238.4005, x149

Beth Wing, Athletic Director
509.238.4005, x139

Northwest Christian Schools
5104 E. Bernhill Road
Colbert, WA  99005