REAL LIVE FACES!!  Friday’s packet pick up at the elementary campus was the ginormous morale boost we all needed! Cars were decorated for the spirit day, teacher’s were in green and gold, lots of horns blaring, and miles of smiles!  Students were given the contents of their desks for their routine “school day” at home now.

It has been a huge adjustment to transition the entire Elementary onto the “kitchen table” of every family, multiplied by the number of children. After an initial learning curve using Zoom, students are able to locate teacher’s instructions, turn in the their work, join class every day! Thank you to our FABULOUS teacher’s for their long hours of preparation in making video’s, connecting with parents and keeping learning at the forefront since March 17!! You have extra gems in your crowns!  Thank you also to our persevering parents for their adjustments, discipline and tenacity. You deserve the badge of endurance!

This whole world reset has had its losses, but I pray your trust and faith in our great, one and only God has increased because of His faithfulness to you IN the trial. As he was with Daniel IN the fiery furnace, He is present with us! As He was with Daniel IN the lions den, He is by our side and has given us all of His strength and promises to pass this test! I pray for our families to look for their gains during this time and look for opportunities to share those blessings as encouragement to others.

Barb Tusant

Elementary Principal

Northwest Christian Schools, Inc.