High School Families:

Northwest Christian Schools remains committed to providing a quality education for every student. Obviously, this will look and work differently than what it has in the past, so we ask for your patience as we continue to grow and learn new ways that ensure students continue to learn. The following is a basic overview of our Remote Education Plan.

Email and RenWeb Communication

Please check your emails regularly; it will be one of our key means of communication to you and your student. We will continue to use RenWeb to post grades in the Gradebook, and post the daily learning activities and directions for accessing required content (such as in OneNote), documents, links, etc. on the Lesson Plan. This has already been a part of our communication plan, so everyone should have some level of experience with this system.

RenWeb Learning Management System (LMS)

In addition, to more effectively teach our students remotely, we have acquired the Learning Management System (LMS) from RenWeb, lms.renweb.com. The capabilities of this system exceed anything we have had in the past; it allows us to post videos, engage in discussions on a “Class Wall,” view assignments, turn in homework, take tests and quizzes, and many more things of which we have not yet had the opportunity to explore. Students must have their own RenWeb account and password in order to access this portion of RenWeb. (For students who had not yet set-up RenWeb accounts, we have spent the last several school days working with students to complete their sign-up.)

The procedure for accessing their learning each day:

  1.  Begins with students logging in to their Learning Management Classes dashboard through lms.renweb.com     
  2. Click on the appropriate class panel – based on that day’s class schedule
    1. The schedule is attached (“Class Schedule March 17-April 3”)
  3. Read the daily prompt and overview on the Class Wall
  4. After reading the prompt, respond appropriately on the Class Wall
    1. This is how we will record attendance. This is scored (graded), so class points are earned by responding to the attendance prompt for class each day
  5. Complete the daily activities as detailed in the class dashboard
  6. Teachers will be available online during the scheduled class time, so students should get rapid responses to emailed questions if done so during that class time


  • If students have issues with accessing RenWeb or their Microsoft account, please contact Carey House at chouse@nwcs.org .
  • If you have specific questions about a class, please email the teacher directly.
  • If you have questions about the LMS in general, please contact Carey House or Mr. Spuler aspuler@nwcs.org
  • If you have questions and you’re not sure who to ask, email me at cwells@nwcs.org .

March 17 – 19

Tuesday – March 17 – No school

Wednesday, March 18 – All students required to sign on to LMS.Renweb.com (also linked on our nwcs.org website) and check in to Periods 1 – 7 during the school day. The school code is NCS-WA.

Thursday, March 19 – 1, 3, 5, 7 Block Schedule (see below)

Friday, March 20 – 2, 4, 6 Block Schedule (Modified, no Chapel (see schedule below)

Each day, students should be on his/her computer during the designated Period.

March 23 – April 3

Monday – Regular Schedule, Periods 1 – 7

Tuesday – Periods 1, 3, 5, 7

Wednesday – Periods 2, 4, 6

Thursday – Periods 1, 3, 5, 7

Friday – Periods 2, 4, 6