Oh come, let us sing to the Lord; let us make a joyful noise to the rock of our salvation! Let us come into his presence with thanksgiving; let us make a joyful noise to him with songs of praise!  Psalm 95:1-2

Did you know that the Bible contains over 400 references to singing and 50 direct commands to sing?  At Northwest Christian Schools, we strive to develop a love for singing at a young age, and deepen that love throughout the middle and high school years.

The human voice is a God-given instrument; no two are alike.  Singing together in a group is a special experience, where these unique instruments participate together in a common goal; to create beautiful music.  Those who have sung in choirs agree that it can be very emotional, and feel a special connection to those in the group.  In fact, there are recent studies that suggest that because singers inhale and exhale together in rhythm, that their heartbeats actually synchronize to a certain degree.

Our elementary choral program includes our 4th and 5th grade choir, and a select choir of 3rd-5th graders called “Pure Joy.”  Pure Joy performs in the community at events throughout the year, including Journey to Bethlehem in December, and ministry opportunities such as nursing homes and the Union Gospel Mission.

We also have a middle school choir, a high school concert choir, and our high school select girls’ choir, Jubilee.  The high school choirs go on a spring tour every year, and have consistently received highest honors at local and regional festivals.  Jubilee recently received a “Gold” at the Heritage Festival in Seattle, qualifying them for the Festival of Gold, which allows elite choirs to perform in wonderful venues in places like New York or San Francisco.  They also were awarded the coveted “Spirit of Seattle,” which is given to the choir that is the most inspirational and encouraging to the other choirs!

The choirs are directed by Stefani Peterson.  She earned her music degree from Whitworth University. Stefani has taught private voice and piano, and has worked as a professional piano accompanist and choral director for many years.  Her passion is to help students discover the “voice inside,” and join together with other voices.  One of the results of this effort is that life-long friendships are formed, and students are better able to enjoy singing throughout their lives.

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