Laci Culvey
Cedar Infant Lead Teacher

Email: lculvey@nwcs.org

Shelby Freesmeyer
Cedar Early Learning Director

Email: sfreesmeyer@nwcs.org

Kristen Harvey
Cedar Campus 3's Lead Teacher / Assistant Teacher 4's / 5's

Email: kharvey@nwcs.org

Kim Heinrich
Pre-K Teacher

Email: Kheinrich@nwcs.org

Megan Jamieson
Cedar Full Day Lead Teacher

Email: mjamieson@nwcs.org

Michelle Mackenzie
3's Teacher

Email: mmackenzie@nwcs.org

Lori Martinez
3's Full Day program Teacher

Email: lmartinez@nwcs.org

Angie Simpson
Pre-K & Jr. K Teacher

Email: asimpson@nwcs.org

Jessica Stradling
Preschool Lead Afternoon Teacher

Email: jstradling@nwcs.org

Amanda Yates
1's/2's Toddler Lead Teacher

Email: ayates@nwcs.org


Marisa Barkley
2nd Grade Teacher

Email: mbarkley@nwcs.org

Tom Brown
Band Director

Email: tbrown@nwcs.org

Georgie Claycomb
Elementary Librarian/Computer Skills

Email: gclaycomb@nwcs.org

Alayna Culbertson
Learning Center Coordinator

Email: aculbertson@nwcs.org

Annika Dollar
Learning Center

Email: adollar@nwcs.org

Michelle Gibson
Cedar Literacy Center

Email: mgibson@nwcs.org

Cheryl Huffman
Elementary Teacher's Aide

Email: chuffman@nwcs.org

Brian Huseland
5th Grade Teacher

Email: bhuseland@nwcs.org

Katie Iverson
Elementary PE Teacher & Athletic Director

Email: kiverson@nwcs.org

Angela Kinsel
4th Grade Teacher

Email: akinsel@nwcs.org

Mila Kuznetsov
1st Grade Teacher

Email: mkuznetsov@nwcs.org

Katie Lamb
Cedar Kindergarten Teacher

Email: klamb@nwcs.org

Rebecca Lamb
Elementary Creative Expressions

Email: rlamb@nwcs.org

Sheri McDonald
4th Grade Teacher

Email: smcdonald@nwcs.org

Andrea McKinney
Learning Center

Email: amckinney@nwcs.org

Tiffany Oakley
Kindergarten Teacher

Email: toakley@nwcs.org

Cyndi Sander
2nd Grade Teacher

Email: csander@nwcs.org

Nathan Schmidt
Elementary Choir Director

Email: nschmidt@nwcs.org

Corrine Strandy
Kindergarten Teacher

Email: cstrandy@nwcs.org

Katie Trembecky
1st Grade Teacher

Email: ktrembecky@nwcs.org

Becky Wilson
3rd Grade Teacher

Email: bwilson@nwcs.org

Brenda Young
6th Grade Teacher

Email: byoung@nwcs.org

Middle School

Tom Brown
Band Director

Email: tbrown@nwcs.org

Kim Dunlap
Middle School Math Teacher

Email: kdunlap@nwcs.org

Dan Ferguson
HS Bible teacher / 8th Grade Boys PE / Computers

Email: dferguson@nwcs.org

Scott Ferguson
7th Grade Teacher, MS Coordinator

Email: sferguson@nwcs.org

Tim Hansen
8th Grade Teacher, Math, Science, and Bible, JV Boys Basketball Coach

Email: thansen@nwcs.org

Christina Hilderbrand
8th Grade Teacher

Email: childerbrand@nwcs.org

Lydia Kinne
7th Grade Teacher

Email: lkinne@nwcs.org

Angie Mossey
HS Bible, Health Teacher / 8th Grade Girls PE/Computers

Email: amossey@nwcs.org

Anna Walsh
Middle School Teacher

Email: awalsh@nwcs.org

Joshua Wilkinson
Dean of Students

Email: jwilkinson@nwcs.org

High School

Tom Brown
Band Director

Email: tbrown@nwcs.org

Joe Duenich
HS Math Teacher

Email: jduenich@nwcs.org

Dan Ferguson
HS Bible teacher / 8th Grade Boys PE / Computers

Email: dferguson@nwcs.org

Jennifer Frankovic
HS English Teacher, Theater & Yearbook Teacher

Email: jfrankovic@nwcs.org

Adam Gaines
High School Teacher

Email: againes@nwcs.org

Josh Gilchrist
HS English Teacher

Email: jgilchrist@nwcs.org

Chrissy Hoeksema
Spanish and Learning Center Teacher

Email: choeksema@nwcs.org

Jonathan Leo
9th-12th Grade Life Science Teacher

Email: jleo@nwcs.org

Auanalee Lindsey
Science Teacher

Email: alindsey@nwcs.org

Angie Mossey
HS Bible, Health Teacher / 8th Grade Girls PE/Computers

Email: amossey@nwcs.org

Deborah Sinclair
HS Art Teacher

Email: dsinclair@nwcs.org

Aaron Spuler
Assistant Principal of Academic Support, Teacher, Head Boys Basketball Coach

Email: aspuler@nwcs.org

Corinna Spuler
History / Bible Teacher

Email: cspuler@nwcs.org

Rick Taylor
Fine Arts Chair, Logistics

Email: rtaylor@nwcs.org

Chris Waters
HS Math Teacher

Email: cwaters@nwcs.org

Chris Wells
English Teacher

Email: cwells@nwcs.org

Laura West
HS Spanish Teacher, ASB Advisor

Email: lwest@nwcs.org

Sam Williams
Technology & Media

Email: swilliams@nwcs.org


Laura Bula
Math Teacher

Email: lbula@nwcs.org

Jennifer Edwards

Email: jedwards@nwcs.org

Tara Gelhausen
K-12th Grade PE Teacher

Email: tgelhausen@nwcs.org

Jack Hancock
Senior Leadership

Email: jackhancock@nwcs.org

Carol Hancock
Senior Leadership

Email: cjhancock@comcast.net

Sarah Hilsen
History, ASB & 7th-12th Grade Technology

Email: shilsen@nwcs.org

Jennifer Huseland
Homeschool Spanish Teacher

Email: jhuseland@nwcs.org

Abby Leman
5th/6th Grade Teacher

Email: aleman@nwcs.org

Courtney Manuel
Science Teacher

Email: cmanuel@nwcs.org

Madison McRae
Homeschool Pre-K Administrator

Email: mmcrae@nwcs.org

Christy Noller
3rd / 4th Grade Teacher

Email: cnoller@nwcs.org

Nathan Schmidt
Elementary Choir Director

Email: nschmidt@nwcs.org

Alisha Schulz
Preschool 3's & 4's Teacher

Email: aschulz@nwcs.org

Deanna Stewart
Homeschool Administrative Assistant/Registrar

Email: dstewart@nwcs.org

Jena Tinklenberg
1st/2nd Grade Teacher

Email: jtinklenberg@nwcs.org

Melodie Workman
English Teacher

Email: mworkman@nwcs.org


Jana Baldwin
Elementary Administrative Assistant

Email: jbaldwin@nwcs.org

Bob Brown
Lower Campus Maintenance

Email: bbrown@nwcs.org

Christi Clayton
Upper Campus Receptionist

Email: cclayton@nwcs.org

Kathleen (Kat) Cordis
Athletic & MS Admin Assistant; MS Athletic Director

Email: kcordis@nwcs.org

Cara Covey
Upper Campus Lunch Coordinator

Email: ccovey@nwcs.org

Kathy DeLaMatter
Technology Director

Email: kdelamatter@nwcs.org

Jennifer Eide
Lower Campus Hot Lunch Coordinator

Email: jeide@nwcs.org

Mary Frey

Email: mfrey@nwcs.org

Lindsey Friedly
Human Resource Coordinator

Email: lfriedly@nwcs.org

Teresa Griffin
Recess/Lunch Duty and Elementary Aide

Email: tgriffin@nwcs.org

Carey House
Registrar / College & Career Coordinator

Email: chouse@nwcs.org

Trina Hudson
Director of Marketing and Communication / Administrative Assistant to Head of Schools

Email: thudson@nwcs.org

Briety Koler, BSN, RN
School Nurse

Email: bkoler@nwcs.org

Renate McFaul
Front Office - Administrative Assistant

Email: rmcfaul@nwcs.org

Malinda Nelson
Student Billing/Admissions

Email: mnelson@nwcs.org

Jordan Seiersen
Graphic Designer & Marketing Coordinator

Email: jseiersen@nwcs.org

Lindsey Towell
Lower Campus Front Office/Receptionist

Email: ltowell@nwcs.org

Pam Vaughn
Donor Relations & Gift Processing

Email: pvaughn@nwcs.org

Joshua Wilkinson
Dean of Students

Email: jwilkinson@nwcs.org

Beth Wing
Athletic Director

Email: bwing@nwcs.org

Randy Wright
Facilities Director

Email: rwright@nwcs.org

Laura Wright
Relationship & Donor Development

Email: lwright@nwcs.org


Melanie Allen
Elementary Principal - Colbert

Email: mallen@nwcs.org

Jennie Atkins
Early Learning Preschool Director

Email: jatkins@nwcs.org

Scott Ferguson
7th Grade Teacher; Middle School Coordinator

Email: sferguson@nwcs.org

Roger Gerstenberger
Head of Schools

Email: rgerstenberger@nwcs.org

Chelsea Ginder
Elementary Principal - Cedar

Email: cginder@nwcs.org

Maralee Greer
CFO-Director of Business

Email: mgreer@nwcs.org

Aaron Spuler
Assistant Principal of Academic Support (Secondary)

Email: aspuler@nwcs.org

Ruth Wagley
NWCS Homeschool Program Director

Email: rwagley@nwcs.org

Chris Wells
High School Principal

Email: cwells@nwcs.org

Board of Regents

Danny Beard
Board Member

Email: danny.beard@uniongospelmission.org

I work at the Union Gospel Mission, helping men and women become God-dependent, contributing members of society. Prior to that I spent 40 years coaching and training student athletes. Over our 45 years of marriage, my wife, Deborah, and I raised 3 wonderful children, all of whom attended NWCS. I have been involved with the school in some capacity since 1983 and am happy to serve the school as a member of the Board of Regents.

Dr. Stephen Gray
Stephen Gray
Board Member

Email: sgray@purposefinancial.com

I have been serving Spokane as an independent financial advisor for over 30 years and am excited for this opportunity to serve NWCS as it has been a huge part of our family history. My wife, Kathi, taught for more than 15 years, most of those in a 6th grade classroom and our 3 wonderful children all attended NWCS.

Dr. Duane Grummons
Board Member

Email: grummons@me.com

Through my orthodontic profession and as a lecturer and consultant, I have been blessed to shine the light of Christ. My wife of 43 yrs, Trudy, shares my inspiration for this opportunity to again serve the NWC community. Our family shares a long history with the school, and l look forward to serving wholeheartedly with diligence.

Brian Hastings

Email: brianh777@comcast.net

After graduating from Whitworth and the Univ. of Idaho I worked in private and ministerial counseling and am currently a school counselor, as is my wife Kristen. We have three wonderful and active elementary, middle and high schoolers here at NWCS. I feel blessed to bring my 30 years of professional experience to serve NWCS.

Dr. Wendy Liddell
Board Member

Email: wliddell@greatnorthernu.org

I serve as the founding President of Great Northern University, a Christian liberal arts institution in Spokane. A third-generation teacher and administrator, I am passionate about education, specifically Gospel-centered instruction and discipleship. I am honored to serve our God and His people in this role at NWCS.

Paul Nelson
Board Consultant

Email: paulmalinda@gmail.com

I serve on the senior leadership team for a financial services company. Malinda and I have had 2 children attend NWCS.

Josh Stelly
Past Chair

Email: josh@tpob.org

I serve as the Executive Pastor at Turning Point Church and have three kids in the elementary, middle and high school here at NWCS. I am passionate about the Gospel being infused in the hearts and minds of people.

Zach Strandy
Board Member

Email: zachary.strandy@summitrehab.org

I co-own and operate Summit Rehabilitation Associates Physical Therapy. As a NWCS graduate, my wife Corrine and I love seeing our 4 awesome kids continue the tradition. It is gratifying to have the opportunity to help shepherd and steward this amazing school.

Evan Verduin
Executive Committee - Secretary

Email: evan@trekarch.com

I’m a graduate of Washington State University, an NWCS alumni and owner of Trek Architecture. Our 6 of our 7 children attend NWCS and we’re blessed to be a part of the family.

Raelene Vogelsang
Executive Committee - Treasurer

Email: vogelsangm@yahoo.com

As Sr. Trust Officer with NW Trustee & Management Services, my business/finance background in both for- and non-profit organizations (including 12 years at NWC) informs my service as a Regent. My two daughters were at NWC for the majority of their school years. NWC has impacted my whole family and I am honored to joyfully serve.

Dr. Daniel Zwiesler
Chairman Elect

Email: zwieslerd@nw-woman.com

I am an OB/GYN at Northwest OB/GYN, practicing since 2008. I have 3 kids: junior, 8th grader, and a recent graduate of NWCS. I like to run marathons and spend time with my family.