Marisa Barkley
Cedar Pre-K & Jr. K Teacher

Kristen Harvey
Cedar Campus 3's Lead Teacher / Assistant Teacher 4's / 5's

Email: kharvey@nwcs.org

Kim Heinrich
Pre-K Teacher

Email: Kheinrich@nwcs.org

I love crafts, playing any sports, playing games with my family and friends, enjoying time at our cabin at Priest Lake.

Michelle Mackenzie
3's Teacher

Lori Martinez
3's Full Day program Teacher

Email: lmartinez@nwcs.org

Tiffany Oakley
4/5's Full Day Teacher

Angie Simpson
Pre-K & Jr. K Teacher

Email: asimpson@nwcs.org

Jessica Stradling
Preschool Lead Afternoon Teacher

Email: jstradling@nwcs.org

Amanda Yates
1's/2's Toddler Lead Teacher

Email: ayates@nwcs.org


Jenny Barker
Primary Music Teacher

Email: jbarker@nwcs.org

Tom Brown
Band Director

Email: tbrown@nwcs.org

VW nut, skiing, biking, road trips, tinkering

Alayna Culbertson
Learning Center Tutor

Email: aculbertson@nwcs.org

I like to travel and see new places. I also like to read and craft.

Chelsea Ginder
Cedar 1st/2nd Grade Teacher

Email: cginder@nwcs.org

I used to run golf tournaments.

Madeline Hodges
3rd Grade Teacher

Email: mhodges@nwcs.org

Cheryl Huffman
Elementary Teacher's Aide

Email: chuffman@nwcs.org

Brian Huseland
5th Grade Teacher

Email: bhuseland@nwcs.org

Katie Iverson
Elementary PE Teacher & Athletic Director

Email: kiverson@nwcs.org

I enjoy reading and being in the outdoors

Karin Jones
4th Grade Teacher

Email: kjones@nwcs.org

I enjoy reading, gardening, traveling and watching movies.

Angela Kinsel
4th Grade Teacher

Email: akinsel@nwcs.org

Mila Kuznetsov
Kindergarten Teacher

Email: mkuznetsov@nwcs.org

Katie Lamb
Cedar Kindergarten Teacher

Email: klamb@nwcs.org

I love to try new foods!

Andrea McKinney
Learning Center

Cyndi Sander
2nd Grade Teacher

Email: csander@nwcs.org

Nathan Schmidt
Choir Director

Email: nschmidt@nwcs.org

Corrine Strandy
Kindergarten Teacher

Email: cstrandy@nwcs.org

Our family loves to travel and explore new places together.

Connie Stuhr
K-5th Grade Librarian/Computer Skills

Email: cstuhr@nwcs.org

Katie Trembecky
1st Grade Teacher

Email: ktrembecky@nwcs.org

I love to run and hike. We have an 8 month old boxer puppy named AJ. I have 5 siblings. I have a 20 year old son who graduated from NWC and is in the culinary arts.

Becky Wilson
3rd Grade Teacher

Email: bwilson@nwcs.org

I enjoy coffee, crafting, traveling, baking & snowboarding.

Brenda Young
5th Grade Teacher

Email: byoung@nwcs.org

I spend most of my free time watching my boys' sporting events and dreaming about ways to bring my old family farm back to life.

Middle School

Melanie Allen
6th Grade Science and English Teacher

Email: Mallen@nwcs.org

I have had the opportunity to teach abroad.

Tom Brown
Band Director

Email: tbrown@nwcs.org

VW nut, skiing, biking, road trips, tinkering

Dan Ferguson
HS Bible teacher / 8th Grade Boys PE / Computers

Email: dferguson@nwcs.org

My two principals that I am under are my son and a former student of mine (Ray).

Tim Hansen
8th Grade Teacher, Math, Science, and Bible, JV Boys Basketball Coach

Email: thansen@nwcs.org

I love hunting, fishing, classic cars & gardening.

Christina Hilderbrand
8th Grade Teacher

Email: childerbrand@nwcs.org

I like to read, craft, go camping, rafting and to spend time with my family.

Angie Mossey
HS Bible, Health Teacher / 8th Grade Girls PE/Computers

Email: amossey@nwcs.org

Peter O'Bannan
7th Grade Teacher

Email: pobannan@nwcs.org

Shawna Ricks
7th grade English & History, 8th grade Leadership & Yearbook

Email: sricks@nwcs.org

When I was 12, I won a hot tub from a radio contest. My family sold it, and it helped to fund our trip to The Philippines, Hong Kong, and Hawaii. I also traveled to Seoul, South Korea to teach English while in college.

Nathan Schmidt
Choir Director

Email: nschmidt@nwcs.org

Joshua Wilkinson
6th grade Bible and History Teacher

Email: jwilkinson@nwcs.org

I was part of a sleepover in the observation deck of the Space Needle when I was in high school.

High School

Rick Biel
HS Social Studies Teacher

Email: rbiel@nwcs.org

Tom Brown
Band Director

Email: tbrown@nwcs.org

VW nut, skiing, biking, road trips, tinkering

Joe Duenich
HS Math Teacher

Email: jduenich@nwcs.org

Dan Ferguson
HS Bible teacher / 8th Grade Boys PE / Computers

Email: dferguson@nwcs.org

My two principals that I am under are my son and a former student of mine (Ray).

Jennifer Frankovic
HS English Teacher, Theater & Yearbook Teacher

Email: jfrankovic@nwcs.org

I am a graduate of Whitworth and CWU, and I have 3 young children. My passions include reading, writing, directing, and all things Jane Austen!

Josh Gilchrist
HS English Teacher

Email: jgilchrist@nwcs.org

Chrissy Hoeksema
Spanish and Learning Center Teacher

Email: choeksema@nwcs.org

I'm a Green Bay Packer fan from Wisconsin, a graduate of Calvin College, and member of Grace Christian Fellowship

Jonathan Leo
9th-12th Grade Life Science Teacher

Email: jleo@nwcs.org

Pickleball and biking are my current hobbies.

Auanalee Lindsey
Science Teacher

Email: alindsey@nwcs.org

Angie Mossey
HS Bible, Health Teacher / 8th Grade Girls PE/Computers

Email: amossey@nwcs.org

Marcia Peterson
French Teacher

Email: mpeterson@nwcs.org

Nathan Schmidt
Choir Director

Email: nschmidt@nwcs.org

Deborah Sinclair
HS Art Teacher

Email: dsinclair@nwcs.org

Aaron Spuler
Athletic Director, Teacher, Head Boys Basketball Coach

Email: aspuler@nwcs.org

Married to Corinna Spuler, 4 awesome children who attend NWC: Titus, Joseph, Adin & Abigail.

Corinna Spuler
History / Bible Teacher

Email: cspuler@nwcs.org

Rick Taylor
High School, grades 9 - 12, Theater, Graphic Arts, Digital Media, Worship Team, Bible

Email: rtaylor@nwcs.org

Directing and being in shows is my passion and joy.

Chris Waters
HS Math Teacher

Email: cwaters@nwcs.org

I enjoy being a youth sports coach & board games.

Chris Wells
English Teacher

Email: cwells@nwcs.org

Laura West
HS Spanish Teacher, ASB Advisor

Email: lwest@nwcs.org

One of my hobbies is growing tomatoes for salsa.


Laura Bula
Math Teacher

Email: lbula@nwcs.org

Jennifer Edwards

Email: jedwards@nwcs.org

Tara Gelhausen
K-12th Grade PE Teacher

Email: tgelhausen@nwcs.org

Jack Hancock
Senior Leadership

Email: jackhancock@nwcs.org

Carol Hancock
Senior Leadership

Email: cjhancock@comcast.net

Sarah Hilsen
History, ASB & 7th-12th Grade Technology

Email: shilsen@nwcs.org

Jennifer Huseland
Homeschool Spanish Teacher

Email: jhuseland@nwcs.org

I grew up in Peru and I love to sew and read.

Rebecca Lamb
Art Teacher

Email: rlamb@nwcs.org

Abby Leman
5th/6th Grade Teacher

Email: aleman@nwcs.org

Courtney Manuel
Science Teacher

Email: cmanuel@nwcs.org

Madison McRae
Homeschool Pre-K Administrator

Email: mmcrae@nwcs.org

Christy Noller
3rd / 4th Grade Teacher

Email: cnoller@nwcs.org

Nathan Schmidt
Choir Director

Email: nschmidt@nwcs.org

Alisha Schulz
Preschool 3's & 4's Teacher

Email: aschulz@nwcs.org

Deanna Stewart
Homeschool Administrative Assistant/Registrar

Email: dstewart@nwcs.org

Love God, my husband of 21 years, volleyball, skiing, basketball, and homeschool.

Jena Tinklenberg
1st/2nd Grade Teacher

Email: jtinklenberg@nwcs.org

Melodie Workman
English Teacher

Email: mworkman@nwcs.org


Jana Baldwin
Elementary Administrative Assistant

Email: jbaldwin@nwcs.org

One of my favorite things to do is organize and clean out closets.

Bob Brown
Lower Campus Maintenance

Email: bbrown@nwcs.org

Brenda Carey
Events & Alumni Relations

Email: bcarey@nwcs.org

I have five children that have all attended NWCS.

Christi Clayton
Upper Campus Receptionist

Email: cclayton@nwcs.org

Kathleen (Kat) Cordis
Athletic & MS Admin Assistant; MS Athletic Director

Email: kcordis@nwcs.org

Horses, hockey, & happiness sum me up!

Cara Covey
Upper Campus Lunch Coordinator

Email: ccovey@nwcs.org

Kathy DeLaMatter
Technology Director

Email: kdelamatter@nwcs.org

Pam DeRusha
HS Learning Lab Facilitator

Email: pderusha@nwcs.org

Jennifer Eide
Lower Campus Hot Lunch Coordinator

Email: jeide@nwcs.org

Heather Evans
Cedar Campus Administrative Asst.

Email: hevans@nwcs.org

Mary Frey

Email: mfrey@nwcs.org

Alumni Class of 1991

Lindsey Friedly
Communication & Human Resource Coordinator

Email: lfriedly@nwcs.org

My hobbies include baking/cooking, sports, hiking/backpacking and having fun at the lake.

Sam Garnett
Cedar Facilities

Email: sgarnett@nwcs.org

Teresa Griffin
Recess/Lunch Duty and Elementary Aide

Email: tgriffin@nwcs.org

Carey House
Registrar / College & Career Coordinator

Email: chouse@nwcs.org

Jana Johnson
Head of Schools Administrative Assistant

Email: jjohnson@nwcs.org

Renate McFaul
Front Office - Administrative Assistant

Email: rmcfaul@nwcs.org

I enjoy time with family/grandkids, gardening, kayaking & hiking.

Malinda Nelson
Student Billing/Admissions

Email: mnelson@nwcs.org

I collect Christmas ornaments.

Kelley Potter
Lower Campus Receptionist

Email: kpotter@nwcs.org

I enjoy crafts.

Courtney Smith
Desktop Publisher

Email: csmith@nwcs.org

I am a NWC alum and am married to an alum.

Aaron Spuler
Athletic Director

Email: aspuler@nwcs.org

Married to Corinna Spuler, 4 awesome children who attend NWC: Titus, Joseph, Adin & Abigail.

Christine Tibbetts
Lower Campus Receptionist

Email: ctibbetts@nwcs.org

Pam Vaughn
Donor Relations & Gift Processing

Email: pvaughn@nwcs.org

I have nine siblings.

Randy Wright
Facilities Director

Email: rwright@nwcs.org


Jennie Atkins
Early Learning Preschool Director

Email: jatkins@nwcs.org

One of my favorite things to do is shopping to find the perfect gift for someone else.

Scott Ferguson
Middle School Principal

Email: sferguson@nwcs.org

Maralee Greer
CFO-Director of Business

Email: mgreer@nwcs.org

I enjoy flowers, gardening & swimming.

Ray Ricks
Director of Education/ High School Principal

Email: rricks@nwcs.org

I enjoy sports, the outdoors, boating, and coffee.

Barb Tusant
Elementary Principal

Email: btusant@nwcs.org

Ruth Wagley
NWCS Homeschool Program Director

Email: rwagley@nwcs.org

Gardening is a true hobby that teaches me all sorts of things about living for Jesus!

Chris Wells
High School Dean of Students

Email: cwells@nwcs.org

Board of Regents

Duane Grummons
Board Member

Email: grummons@me.com

Through my orthodontic profession and as a lecturer and consultant, I have been blessed to shine the light of Christ. My wife of 43 yrs, Trudy, shares my inspiration for this opportunity to again serve the NWC community. Our family shares a long history with the school, and l look forward to serving wholeheartedly with diligence.

Brian Hastings
Chairman Elect

Email: brianh777@comcast.net

After graduating from Whitworth and the Univ. of Idaho I worked in private and ministerial counseling and am currently a school counselor, as is my wife Kristen. We have three wonderful and active elementary and middle schoolers here at NWCS. I feel blessed to bring my 30 years of professional experience to serve NWCS.

Paul Nelson
Board Member

Email: paulmalinda@gmail.com

I serve on the senior leadership team for a financial services company. Malinda and I have had 2 children attend NWCS.

Josh Stelly

Email: josh@tpob.org

I serve as the Executive Pastor at Turning Point Church and have three kids in the elementary and middle school here at NWC. I am passionate about the Gospel being infused in the hearts and minds of people.

Zach Strandy
Board Member

Email: zachary.strandy@summitrehab.org

I co-own and operate Summit Rehabilitation Associates Physical Therapy. As a NWCS graduate, my wife Corrine and I love seeing our 4 awesome kids continue the tradition. It is gratifying to have the opportunity to help shepherd and steward this amazing school.

Evan Verduin
Board Member

Email: evan@trekarch.com

I’m a graduate of Washington State University, an NWCS alumni and owner of Trek Architecture. Our 5 children ages 2 through 10 all attend NWCS and we’re blessed to be a part of the family.

Raelene Vogelsang
Board Member

Email: vogelsangm@yahoo.com

As Sr. Trust Officer with NW Trustee & Management Services, my business/finance background in both for- and non-profit organizations (including 12 years at NWC) informs my service as a Regent. My two daughters were at NWC for the majority of their school years. NWC has impacted my whole family and I am honored to joyfully serve.

Daniel Zwiesler
Exec Board Member

Email: zwieslerd@nw-woman.com

I am an OB/GYN at Northwest OB/GYN, practicing since 2008. I have 3 kids, senior, sophomore, and 7th grader at NWCS. I like to run marathons and spend time with my family.