Before & After School Enrichment Program (E.C.C.)

In keeping with NWC’s high standard of Academic Excellence, we offer more for your Kindergarten through 8th grade student(s) with our Enrichment Classes and Clubs (E.C.C.).


What is Northwest Christian Schools’ Enrichment program?
E.C.C. stands for Enrichment Classes and Clubs. NWC’s Enrichment program is a collection of different weekly before and after school Classes and Clubs offered throughout the school year in three 9 week sessions: Fall, Winter and Spring.

What is the goal of the Enrichment Program?
The goal of the Enrichment program is to provide continuing opportunity for students to learn new and exciting things, exploring areas such as creative arts, science/technology and life skills; while discovering their God given gifts, talents and passions. The Enrichment Classes and Clubs provide an excellent environment where our students can continue to discover who they are as they explore the world around them, helping them grow into the person God has created them to be.
Types of enrichment classes offered are chess, baking, worship & dance, extreme science, music and much more.  Classes vary from session to session as we strive to provide a dynamic class schedule throughout the year.
Most Classes and Clubs are for all students of the required ages.  For a more targeted class experience some Classes and Clubs will be specifically offered to certain smaller groups of students such as 5th-8th graders.
We are pleased to announce the Enrichment Program will be offering an after school tutoring club taught by certified teachers this year.  More information will be available on the registration forms of each enrichment session.

Who may participate in the Enrichment Program?
Any current NWC students kindergarten through middle school may participate in the Enrichment Program. Current students in the NWC Homeschool program of the required grade levels may also participate.

Who teaches the Enrichment Classes and Clubs?
Enrichment Classes and Clubs are taught by a variety of individuals throughout the school year. Our Enrichment Program teachers are current educators, skilled professionals from the community, and passionate parents and students who have a heart for kids coupled with a desire to share their knowledge and skills with the next generation.
Each of our teachers have gone through an interviewing process, signed NWC’s Statement of Faith, and have passed a Washington State Background Check prior to teaching a class.
Our teachers are passionate about helping students discover God’s presence, creativity, and handiwork in each class. They desire to not only teach an interesting subject or skill but to mentor our students as they pursue their relationship with the Lord and all He has for them in their daily lives. Our Enrichment Program teachers continue NWC’s pursuit of encouraging our students to live for God’s glory as they live out the Gospel.

When do the Enrichment Classes and Clubs meet?
Classes and Clubs typically meet once a week from 3:00pm-5:00pm, either Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday, September through May, and run in 9 week sessions. Three 9 week sessions are offered per school year; Fall, Winter & Spring.  All Classes and Clubs meet on the Lower Campus unless otherwise specified.
Enrichment Program Classes and Clubs follow the NWC Elementary School schedule. Classes are cancelled when school is closed. Please refer to the NWC all school calendar found on Parents Web for specific closure dates and special events.

What is the cost for Enrichment Classes and Clubs?
Classes and Clubs are typically $75.00* per 9 week session. Some classes, such as art classes, may have an additional materials cost of up to $10.00.  *Some outside vendors such as Inland Chess Academy may charge a higher class fee. An additional $10.00 administrative fee is added to all outside vendor Classes and Clubs.  All Classes & Clubs must be pre-paid prior to the first day.
Early release days, conference weeks, and special events also have required registrations and are charged a pre-paid fee.  Costs vary depending on the classes offered.
Classes & Club fees may be added to your family’s FACTS tuition payment agreement during the registration periods of each session.
Cash and checks are accepted for all registration fees.  Arrangements to use a credit card may also be made.  Please contact the Enrichment Coordinator for more information.

The Enrichment Program is always looking to partner with people in the community willing to share their skills and knowledge to help provide life-enriching quality after school classes for NWC’s students. Contact Heather Evans, Enrichment Program Coordinator to get involved!

Contact Information

For more information about this program, please contact:

Northwest Christian Schools
5028 E. Bernhill Road
Colbert, WA  99005
Contact: Heather Evans, Enrichment Program Coordinator
Phone:  509-292-6700
Email:  Heather Evans