Middle School

Given the dynamics of our current culture, it is indeed a challenge to love, discipline, teach, and mentor middle school students. At NWCS middle school, our teachers know that they are called to meet the challenge of helping parents train their adolescents to become Christian leaders who will influence our culture in the 21st century.  Through loving discipline and challenging learning experiences, we are dedicated to preparing students for life as they move through adolescence into adulthood.

Prepared in Mind

NWCS middle school, grades 6 – 8, offers a solid core of academic classes as well as a variety of electives. A flexible block schedule allows for enhanced teacher contact time and flexibility to balance direct instruction with an opportunity for expression and a hands-on learning approach. A variety of instructional stragetgies are used including SMART Board™ Technology in every classroom, hands-on science in our fully-equipped lab, cooperative group learning, engaging activities, iPad™ and laptop applications in our tech lab, and a number of meaningful assessments for learning.  The core curriculum includes Math (6th grade-Geometry), Science (including S.T.E.M. units), English, Honors English, History and Bible. All subjects are taught within a comprehensive biblical worldview.  Electives include art, band, choir, journalism, leadership, fitness/health, theater, outdoor education and computer application classes.  More information about middle school classes can be found in the secondary course offerings booklet.

Transformed in Heart

Middle school is a wonderful and significant time of change, a time of searching for identity, a time for developing a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ and for applying scriptural principles of godly leadership. Students mature physically, socially, mentally, and spiritually. One major quest in middle school is finding the balance between making wise responsible decisions and relying on caring adults to provide direction. At Northwest Christian we mentor students by challenging and encouraging them to become leaders. Mentors help students to build healthy peer relationships within the context of scriptural accountability. They also help them develop new roles and abilities through a variety of service projects.  Our students learn to apply their faith in their daily life; a lesson that will serve them well in high school, college and beyond.

Other Activities

Interscholastic sports are an important part of middle school life. Athletes begin the honored Crusader tradition of excellence by competing in football, volleyball, basketball, wrestling, baseball, softball, cross-country and track. Middle school teams vie in the Inland Empire Mid-Level League. Athletics provide the opportunity to develop teamwork, work ethic and apply Christian principles of commitment, dedication, perseverance, excellence, humility and sacrifice.

Special activities and events are a large part of the unique identity of NWC middle school. There are a number of unifying events that make NWC middle school special: All-Middle School Retreat, spirit days, chapels, field trips, class competitions and celebrations, socials, spiritual emphasis week, arts performances and outreach projects. The school year begins with a two-day retreat to a local camp for a time of fun, fellowship, team building and a challenge to a deeper commitment to Christ.

Contact Information

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