On March 19, NWCS students, parents and staff met together to celebrate our 2021 Academic Award winners at a dessert banquet in the Upper Campus Activity Center. 39 Scholars were recognized for their achievements. Seven students received the Principal’s Award, acknowledging outstanding GPA and highest SAT/PSAT scores.  Each Department recognized students through their Educator Awards, celebrating academic success in the classroom as well as motivation, initiative, integrity, intellectual depth and leadership qualities that enhance the overall learning environment of the classroom. Our four Valedictorians and Salutatorian were also honored and congratulated as well as our Six Spokane Scholars. Congratulations on a job well done!

Valedictorians: Chiara Carey, Emma Culbertson, Michelle Maystrovich, Taylor Swanson

Salutatorian: Isabella Tibbetts


Principal’s Award Recipients

Freshmen – Lauren Heinrich & Ryan Waters

Sophomore – Emily Edstrom

Juniors – Aaron House & Abby Veenstra

Seniors – Taylor Swanson & Isabella Tibbetts


Educator’s Department  Award Recipients


Norah Cavanaugh, Alexis Parker, Zac Heinrich, Grace Gilbert, Emma Culbertson

Spokane Scholar: Naomi Knudtson


Fine Arts

Angela Bozin, Maddie Chaney, Aubrey Ainsworth, Avery Bowman

Spotlight Theater Award: Faith McConnell

Spokane Scholar: Jessica Coriell



Nola Day, Ben Graham, Sarang Ju, Naomi Knudtson

Spokane Scholar: Chiara Carey


Social Studies

Jake Butcher, Aaron House, Chloe Noller, Ava Russo, Alexis Parker

Spokane Scholar: Isabella Tibbetts



Madi Ward, Emily Edstrom, Abby Veenstra, Grace Gilbert

Spokane Scholar: Taylor Swanson



Sarah House, Emily Edstrom, Jeremiah Low, Michelle Maystrovich

Spokane Scholar: Zoe Li



Noah Hefling, Brooke Vickrey