Fourth graders at NWCS had their first annual Invention Convention.  They did a marvelous job!  Students were tasked with identifying problems in their everyday lives and creating solutions for that problem.  Each student created a prototype, or a working model, of their invention.  Students used the invention process to develop their inventions by identifying a problem, researching the problem and solution, developing the solution, testing the solution, and revising the solution if necessary.  They discovered that failure in the invention process is often a natural outcome.  Working through failure allowed the students to persevere and develop improved prototypes of their inventions.  Thirteen students entered the state competition for young inventors called, Invent Washington, where there were over 300 entries!  Our students enjoyed showing their inventions and viewing those done by fellow inventors.  Although our students did not place this year, several are motivated and excited to return next year with new inventions.