LaRelle Catherman is the Executive Director and Co-Founder of MEDRIX– a non-profit organization that works in Vietnam to provide Medical and Health related education for doctors, nurses, scientists and community health providers.   To date, MEDRIX has sponsored over 120 children’s heart surgeries, provided water systems to many rural community schools. 

After graduating from Northwest Christian Schools, Ms. Catherman received an AAN from Shoreline Community College, a BSN and Public Health Certificate from Biola University and an MSN in Nursing Leadership / Transcultural Studies from Seattle Pacific University. Ms. Catherman was awarded the “People’s Health” medal in 2015 by the Ministry of Health of Vietnam for “her supportive contributions to the development of Vietnam’s Health Branch.” Ms. Catherman has also received the Lydia Greene Professor Hall of Fame Award in 2005 from Seattle Pacific University.

LaRelle’s husband, Robert, is working with a University in Vietnam teaching global information systems (GIS).  GIS is used for tracking or monitoring diseases, crops, weather changes and many other needed applications.  

The MEDRIX mission is to serve the people of Vietnam by sharing medical, educational and development resources.  You can read more about her work at