During the month of February, the Barn (Lower Campus Gym) was transformed into a bowling alley. The Lower Campus Gym has been named “The Barn” after Pam Barnes who spent over 30 years as a NWCS teacher investing in students and exhibiting the love of Jesus. “Barn”yard Bowling is an annual event to celebrate Mrs. Barnes and the many ways that she has and continues to support NWCS.

Kindergarten through 7th grade students learned bowling safety, etiquette, and proper technique. The bowling unit finished on March 4th and 5th with our second annual Barnyard Bowling event. Students enjoyed an hour of bowling, popcorn, and beverages all while dressed up as their favorite barnyard animal.

Thanks to the Elementary PE Program funds, we were able to purchase six bowling lanes and equipment, along with three other local schools, so we are able to rotate and share the equipment.