In lieu of our previously planned event, A Night in Burundi, the NWC High School FBLA Chapter invites you to join us for a virtual fundraiser to benefit New Generation Burundi

Donate HERE to increase the blessings to youth in Burundi.

One of our teachers, Mr. Côme Nzibarega, is a former refugee from Burundi – a small country in the heart of Africa. Mr. Z, as he is affectionately called at NWC, speaks five languages, is a world-class runner, and a two-time TedTalk speaker. His story is an inspiration for all who hear it – war, imprisonment, torture, and refugee life to empowerment, freedom, adventure, and a new citizenship. While he has an amazing tale, his heart still draws him to his beloved homeland and family he hasn’t seen in many years. 

Mr. Z is taking a trip back to Burundi this summer. As a student body, we want to send him home overflowing with blessings from our community. His requested beneficiaries are the youth at New Generation Burundi – a ministry to street youth ( At Christmastime, our ASB had a competition between classes to see who could donate the most athletic shoes (new and mostly new) for this purpose. In addition to these shoes, we hope to add financial resources for Côme to provide material goods when he arrives this summer. 

The exciting part of this story will be in the Fall when Mr. Z returns to share pictures and more stories!

Donate HERE to increase the blessings to youth in Burundi.

Here are some incredible videos of Mr.Z’s talks and stories from New Generation Burundi:

New Generation Burundi is a non-profit organization that focuses on supporting, rehabilitating, and preventing the occurrence of street children in Bujumbura – the capital city of Burundi. Their goal is to develop the next generation of leaders for Burundi and provide a foundation for these children to play an active role in reconciliation, both in their local communities and in society as a whole. Learn more at