Recently a local family shared in chapel at the Cedar Campus about how the Lord is working through their family in Africa and how the light of Jesus is spreading through what was once a very dark place with no hope. Prior to their ministry, the native village had never heard that Jesus LOVES them, and now the hope of the Gospel is infiltrating the darkness! People are being baptized and coming to follow Jesus. 

Recently, it was our great joy and blessing to have the families’ children, attend our Cedar Campus during the winter months and join our students. While on furlough, the kids were able to experience NWCS, make friends, and share about their experience as a missionary family. Many connections within our school family were developed and they loved on our students and parents during their time of furlough and refreshment here in the states. We will miss this special family but our hearts will always be connected to these precious brothers and sisters who are part of the NWCS family overseas.

Praise the Lord for the impact of missionaries who give up comfort to serve Christ and bring hope to those Here, Near, and in FAR away places. It is beautiful to hear the name of the Lord praised in other languages!

Mrs Ginder’s class with this special family along with Mrs. Orr