At Northwest Christian Schools, it is our great desire to help even our youngest students develop not only an increased awareness of missions, but also to provide an opportunity to serve others. We help to instill in our students a Kingdom Mindset, taking the Acts 1:8 mandate by Jesus to be His ambassadors “Here, Near, and Far” to heart.

Here, at NWCS, we do this through intentionally embracing a Gospel-centered education through biblical worldview teaching and thinking that transcends the classroom and trains our students so they can make a difference for Christ wherever they are. Near, each grade level is involved in a local ministry support partnership in the Spokane area, which includes the Union Gospel Mission, Serve Spokane Foodbank, and Avalon Care Center among others.

Recently, I had the opportunity to help our students put feet to their faith (literally) by involving them in a Far outreach effort through My360Project shoelace endeavor.  220 pairs of shoe laces were measured, cut, and prepared by our Elementary students for shoes to be put on the feet of little ones in the name of Jesus, through the villages of Vicente Guerrero, Mexico. While there, I was able to visit several local ministries on the Baja Peninsula and help with hands on work, as well as through ministry support and encouragement. It was truly a privilege to travel with 5 strangers who now I consider friends and support the advancing of the gospel in real and tangible ways to these precious children, single mothers, and widows. The Lord is near to those who call upon them and HIS power is available to transform lives in amazing ways- mine included! Upon my return back to NWCS, it was exciting to share with our students how the shoelaces they worked so hard on were given to children who would otherwise not be able to attend school. I am grateful for the ways our students have participated in the Gospel here, near, and far.

Faith Orr

Elementary Principal