On Friday, April 19th the Colbert Kindergarten classes celebrated Passover in their classrooms.  Students dressed as Israelites ready to flee Egypt as soon as Moses gave the word.  In the previous weeks, students learned about the 10 plagues and how Passover got its name.  Time was spent learning how Jesus shared this meal with his disciples before going to the cross.

During our Passover morning, students learned about hand washing traditions and even had their feet washed before sharing a traditional Passover meal together.  When word was given, the kindergartners “fled” across the Red Sea (otherwise known as the Gold Parking Lot) to safety and celebrated with singing and dancing.

As the different parts of the Passover meal were discussed, extra attention was given to identifying how Jesus is our perfect lamb who died once and for all for each of us.  It really was a Good Friday and another memorable day in kindergarten at Northwest Christian Schools.