Student artwork filled the Lower Campus rotunda area this week, depicting chalk scenes of the Northern Lights accompanied by banners with lyrics to the popular song, “If Creation bows to praise you, so will I…”.

The 5th annual Pastor Appreciation Chapel was a huge blessing again this year to our Cedar and Colbert Elementary students as well as to 38 local pastors who joined us for a worship celebration and message. Pastors Thomas Anderson, Shiloh Hills Christian Fellowship; Steve Stager, Foothills Community Church; and Mark Blair, Sozo Church shared their testimonies of how they came to commit their lives to Christ with the response of “So Will I…”. These men of God shared the attributes of God which spoke the most to them and encouraged our students to follow and serve Christ with their lives by saying “yes” to Jesus.

The Hatfield, Hawk & Strandy kids with their Pastors.

A highlight for all was when the students and teachers welcomed in our local heroes of faith by cheering them on as they entered the gymnasium to the theme song from “Rocky” and the Pastors High 5 Line to conclude our time together. Don’t worry, Mrs. Baldwin was prepared with lots of hand sanitizer for our pastors after our enthusiastic students went through the line! NWCS thanks our parent volunteers and families for inviting and helping us honor the role of the local church as integral to our community of faith.