We are well into the second semester here in the middle school and we are very excited to see the Lord at work in every aspect of our school. As we continue with our theme of “Rooted” this year, we are focusing specifically on who God is and the truth that is revealed to us in scripture. You cannot be rooted in God if you don’t know who He is or what His Word says. A couple weeks ago Robyn Schad, middle school pastor at Life Center, came and spoke to the students about the lies we are tempted to tell ourselves every day. Lies like, “No one loves me or cares about me.” The students were challenged to combat those lies with truth from God’s Word. Last week, Brolin Rosquist, youth pastor at Shiloh Hills, came and shared about the story of the Prodigal Son and how the father in the story is a wonderful representation of what our heavenly Father is like. We are continuing to pray that the Lord uses these messages to the students to help come to a true understanding of what He is like.

Middle School Service

Over the course of the past two months we have had the opportunity to take both 6th and 7th grade students on service outreach projects. We want to continue to give our middle school students opportunities to serve with the hopes that they will see and feel the benefits of having a servant’s heart. In January, a group of 7th grade students went to Kings Chapel, a church in North Spokane, to help with general building cleaning and organization. Just this past week, the 6th graders had an opportunity to serve. We sent another team to Kings Chapel who helped with building cleaning as well as painting themed pictures that will be hung in their youth rooms and used as illustrations for Bible lessons. We sent the other 6th grade group back to Windriver Alzheimers care to help love and serve the residents there. We have been so encouraged this year by the students’ willingness to serve and their positive attitudes while serving.

STEM in the classroom

We have been intentional about integrating STEM into our middle school classrooms this year. Over the past couple months we have had numerous class projects that incorporated our new STEM Makerspace giving students an opportunity to create models that represent what they are currently learning in the classroom. One example of this was the 6th graders in Mr. Wilkinson’s history class making models of ancient Egypt architecture. Students worked in small groups to research a specific type of architecture found in ancient Egypt, make a model of it using our Makerspace cart and present it to the class.

We are eager to give Christ all of the glory for all of the good things that have taken place this year in our middle school. We would love your continued prayers for the staff and students as we continue to point students to the gospel of Jesus Christ everyday.

All for the glory of Christ,

Scott Ferguson

Middle School Principal