Gavin went home to be with his Lord in February 2021.

Gavin’s father writes: In the beginning a very inquisitive child, in the end a man walking with the Lord…sensitive, caring, raising a family. The journey was long enough to achieve his dreams, support other children, and freely give love to his family. He was everything to everyone, always busy diving into a multitude of projects. An audiophile early on, turning to computer hardware, then at 13 dedicating himself to software with a goal to remain on the cutting edge. While attending high school at NWCS he was able to enroll in two full term semester courses at Gonzaga each semester for two years. Transferring to Eastern Washington University, he completed Bachelor and Master’s degrees, primarily in mathematics and computers. He started his career in Washington DC with SRA which later resulted in his moving to Silicon Valley where he worked for various companies ending in being the Chief Engineer/Architect at Palo Alto Systems, with 11,000 employees. Through his journey, he found his three-acre dream ranch, raising two children, and having a loving wife. He maintained his insatiable interest in various fields from electrician, plumber, apiculture, computer hardware, house renovation, and Hawaii. He had a willingness, coupled with an expertise to work with others, while being able to write expert documentation related to completed software programs. The foundation of middle and high school at NWCS and a supportive family provided the home that he needed to grow and find his path of dedication both to the Lord and occupation. Gavin remains a most treasured soul by all.