Dr. Eugene Fadel Fine Arts Endowment

fadelcirclephotoDuring his tenure, Dr. Fadel’s desire was for NWC students to “…shine like stars in the universe as they hold out the word of life…”(Philippians 2:15-16) To honor Dr. Fadel’s love of music, his investment in the lives of students, his love for NWC, and his love for the Lord Jesus Christ, in 2007 the Regent and Foundation Boards of NWC decreed that the Fine Arts Endowment would be named in his honor – The Dr. Eugene Fadel Fine Arts Endowment. This endowment will help to elevate, bolster and sustain the arts at Northwest Christian Schools.

In the history of NWC, when the fine arts programs have flourished, so has the spiritual and financial health of the school. In light of the significance of the ongoing legacy of fine arts in education at NWCS, this endowment was established as a long-term investment to allow our comprehensive Fine Arts Program to continue to grow in excellence and spectrum. With Northwest Christian’s eyes firmly focused on Jesus, God will be glorified as we pursue the fine arts with a passion. At this time, the Board of Regents has committed to use a portion of the annual interest income from the Fine Arts Endowment to fund fine arts enhancements proposed annually by our fine arts teachers. This is providing a much-needed encouragement and blessing to our staff and students and a visible and immediate impact to the fine arts at NWC.

Gifts in Dr. Fadel’s memory can be designated to the Dr. Eugene Fadel Fine Arts Endowment to continue his legacy at Northwest Christian Schools.

NWCS Endowments

Starting in 1996, endowments were established at Northwest Christian through the foresight of the school’s leadership and the generosity of our supporters in an effort to ensure a long and productive future serving the children and families of Spokane for the cause of Christ. Without our endowments, tuitions would be at least 20% above current levels. The endowment principal grows within the fund and the interest is used to payout scholarships annually. Over 125 families each year receive scholarships provided by the income from these funds.

Endowments are managed by the NWCS Foundation and currently include the following:
• Dorothy Allen Memorial Scholarship Fund
• Lew Button Memorial Scholarship Fund
• General Endowment Fund
• Henry F. Grinalds Endowment Fund
• Valentine & Winifred Kreidel Scholarship Fund
• Arnold Pierce Memorial Scholarship Fund
• Moody Harmon Memorial Scholarship Fund
• Joshua William Wright Memorial Scholarship Fund

Please contact us – 509-238-4005 (ext. 142) if you would like to give to a specific endowment or if you are interested in establishing a new one. It is with humble gratitude we thank all of our donors for their support – both their prayers and their gifts.