Thursday night, May 30, we celebrated our love of learning with a night of fun and scholarship during our annual Journey’s Night event. This is a convention-like affair where our juniors and seniors get to explore and expand their understanding of the world around them; they select topics of personal interest, research them, and then create informative visuals to supplement the presentations they share that evening. The seniors are asked “What is your passion and how can it influence your world?” while the juniors respond to the question “What have you learned during your years of schooling that inspires you to further exploration?” Presentations ranged from topics in health and fitness, architecture and construction, technology and science, social media, the arts, conservation and the environment, politics and economics, missions and theology, plus many others.  Some example exhibition titles were:

How the Arts Effect the Brain; Missions and Medicine; Move Well, Live Better; The Importance of a Healthy Mindset; Females and Fitness; PSYCHosomatic; Your Brain on Coffee, Plastic Pollution; Art and Protest, The Benefits of Worship, Take a Hike: the Appalachian Trail; Cybersecurity: Not a Choice Anymore; and 15 Seconds of Frame.

In addition to the over 100 presentations, there was an amazing art exhibit of work done by our art students, including paintings, drawings, pottery, and wood burning.  It was an exciting evening as students were able to reveal a small part of who they are, sharing some of their passions, dreams, and continually developing understanding of God’s world and their role in it.

Thanks to all of the teachers, staff, and volunteers that contributed their time and efforts to help make this an informative, engaging, and successful celebration.