EDP_4331The Kindergarten Program at Northwest Christian Schools has an academic focus through age-appropriate themes and activities. Children experience academic learning within a rich program of activity, song, and Bible lessons. The fundamentals of reading readiness are taught through a balanced literacy approach which includes a solid phonics program. Most of our kindergartners read before the end of the school year. Our kindergarten students participate in specialty classes which include library, art, music, P.E. and computers. Mathematic concepts are also taught through well-planned activities in everyday contexts. Our kindergartners learn to count coins, identify patterns, make graphs, and can add and subtract by year’s end. Our teachers emphasize Christian character in support of our parents and teachers. Our children learn to live and recite our discipline theme: “The happy way is to obey the first time…cheerfully!”

Full day and half day (A.M.) classes are offered at our Colbert Lower Campus and Cedar Campus.

Contact Information

If you have additional questions about the application process or the NWCS program, please contact:

Northwest Christian Schools
5028 E. Bernhill Rd.
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Phone: 509-292-6700 ext 110
Fax: 509-292-6704
Email:  Jana Baldwin at jbaldwin@nwcs.org