On February 22nd, our 5th Grade classes carried on the 20+ year tradition of holding the Living History Museum. Students are asked to research and write a first person narrative about a person from Colonial America who participated in or was related to the American War for Independence. It is part of our dedication to learning about American history but at Northwest Christian Schools we connect it even further with our Enduring Understandings.

Mr. Huseland shares the Enduring Understanding within Living History

God is Sovereign: We celebrate our freedoms and the way our country is today because of what happened during the American Revolution.

God is the Source: All that we have, the blessings and rights that we enjoy are because of this Revolution and the important issues they were fighting for freedom, liberty and conscience.

God is Providential: As our nation has grown from Sea-to-Shining-Sea that everyone can enjoy and part of our story as a nation.

God is Just: We celebrate the past but also repent and grow from our mistakes and look forward to our future.

Students wait for a visitor to tap their chair and they come to life sharing their life story and part of history. Classes throughout the elementary and middle school visit as well as many family members.

Thank you Mr. Huseland and Mrs. Young for upholding this incredible tradition and learning experience for our students!