Forty 8th grade students are set to graduate from Northwest Christian Middle School on Thursday, June 12th, at 7:00 p.m. in the Activity Center at the Upper Campus in Colbert. The middle school graduates will be dressed in formal dresses and elegant suits, but this event is much more than a mere formality.

“The traditional 8th grade graduation at NWC is a rite of passage for our middle school students,” said NWC middle school principal Dave Jennings. “The formal setting helps to emphasize the milestone that the students have achieved in completing kindergarten through 8th grade. The diploma students receive signifies that they are prepared for high school.”

Eighth grade valedictorians are Courtney Cossette, Mercy Huseland, Madison Janke, Abigail Lane, Thaddeus McKinney, Elizabeth Roberts, Tyler Shea, and Amanda Stephens. Each valedictorian will address the graduating class, and each will receive an engraved medal. Each valedictorian has a career middle school G.P.A. of 4.0.

NWC teachers Tim Hansen and Christina Hilderbrand will address the class, and special character awards will also be given to students who have best exemplified the character of Christ during their years in middle school.