Every Thursday, during 8th grade Leadership class, students take a trip down to Mrs. Hodges 2nd grade classroom. The sweet little 2nd graders greet us with happy smiles, handshakes, and hugs. Before we arrive, they all prepare themselves with large Ziploc bags filled with books they are currently reading. We sit in the room in beanbags, at desks, and on the floor and read together for about 15 minutes.  Sometimes they read to us, and other times, we read to them.  It’s been fun to build relationships with the Elementary kids who are in the same building but sometimes feel like another world away.  Titus Knudtson, an 8th grade Leadership student says, “Reading Buddies really gets us out of our comfort zone, and its fun when the 2nd graders recognize us outside the classroom.”

Josiah Ricks

8th Grade