On Thursday, February 25th, starting at 9:00 a.m. at the lower campus gym, Northwest Christian 5th graders will present “Sweet Land of Liberty” appearing as a living museum of characters from the colonial era. You can expect to see famous historical figures including George Washington, Alexander Hamilton, Deborah Sampson, King George III and many more.

The Living Museum is a 5th grade tradition and is one of the highlights of their school year. Students wear costumes to represent what one would wear from the era of 1775-1789 and pose as “wax statues” of a historical figure. Each student has prepared a speech about their character. The audience walks around the gym, and when they tap the chair of a “wax statue” the student gives their first-person speech about their role in the colonial period.

After the event, the students partake in colonial dancing and arts and crafts from that era. The day is meant to celebrate our colonial and patriotic heritage as Americans.

Members of the public are welcome to attend this event. Please check in at the Northwest Christian Schools’ lower campus front office located at 5028 E. Bernhill Road Colbert, WA 99005.

For more information, contact Brian Huseland at bhuseland@nwcs.org.