High school students in NWC’s Home Living Class have once again been hard at work making “PICC Pal Pillows” for Sacred Heart Children’s Hospital patients. The pillows are meant to go between the child’s skin and their PICC (peripherally inserted central catheter line). The PICC is placed in their forearm to provide chemo therapy or other long-term treatments.

The students have made them in the shape of fun objects including animals and emojis. This project was first started in the fall semester and will be an ongoing project each school year for students enrolled in the Home Living Class.

In addition to academics and other activities, Northwest Christian students (preschool through twelfth grade) participate in many different service projects throughout the school year. Some other projects have included packing meals for families through Generation Alive’s “Something to Eat Campaign” and raising money for the Spokane Guild School.

For more information, contact Lisa Greer: 509.238.4005 x131 lgreer@nwcs.org