On Thursday May 19th, the 8th grade students at Northwest Christian Schools will travel back in time to Spokane’s lavish “Age of Elegance.”

Armed with knowledge of Spokane’s history, dressed in formal attire, and prepared to test their etiquette skills, this group of students will travel in limos on a field trip designed to make textbooks come alive.  They will begin with a stop at the Historic Davenport to tour the hotel that demonstrates the elegance of Spokane’s past.

Following their tour, the greatest challenge for these time travelers may be waiting at the Glover Mansion where the students will use their new mastery of etiquette to dine at a seven-course luncheon.  Gentlemen will open doors and help to seat the ladies.  Each student will not only attempt to eat with the correct utensils, but also to engage in meaningful conversation between bites of the delicious gourmet fare.

For more information contact:

Tim Hansen thansen@nwcs.org, 509.292.6700 x233

 Christina Hilderbrand childerbrand@nwcs.org 509.292.6700 x231