NWC elementary students will celebrate the 200th anniversary of our national anthem with their Bicentennial Celebration of the Star Spangled Banner at their Veterans Day Chapel on Wednesday, November 5th, at 9:00 a.m. at the Lower Campus Gym.

Those wishing to wear uniforms or insignia that display their branch of service are encouraged to do so.

Faith Orr, our elementary principal, said “We look forward to celebrating veterans and their commitment to preserving and protecting our freedoms.   This will be a great opportunity for our students and community to reflect on the sacrifice of veterans as well as to recognize the importance of God’s providential hand in the forming of this great nation and the importance of His sustaining grace for our future as Americans.”photophoto 2photo 1

Pictures of some of our students and their veteran relatives from last year’s Veterans Chapel.  Also pictured, some veteran NWCS staff