This year in our middle school we are emphasizing the importance of service to our middle school students by providing them with practical opportunities to get into our community and serve. On Wednesday, September 25th we sent out our first two service teams.

Team #1 – Youth for Christ

We sent our first team of students to Youth for Christ, an organization who serves at-risk youth by providing them a safe place to hang out in the afternoons. More importantly, they are intentional about connecting these students’ stories with God’s story and unashamedly proclaim Christ to kids who need him (just like the rest of us do). Our middle school students were able to help serve this wonderful organization by cleaning and organizing inside the building and by picking up garbage around the building and in the surrounding neighborhood, getting them ready for their opening next week. Our students did an amazing job, and even had some fun doing it!

Team #2 – Windriver Place

We sent our second team of students to Windriver Place, a senior living community. The residents there have a variety of needs and levels of care, including Alzheimer’s and dementia. While there our students were able to serve and love the residents by simply talking to them, hearing their stories and even playing a game with them. The students did a great job, learned a lot of history, and demonstrated Christ’s love to the people there.

We are very thankful for our middle school students and are praying that God uses these service opportunities to draw them closer to himself.