School is back into the full swing of many activities, cross country competitions, fundraisers and of course adjusting to a new classroom teacher and procedures. In all the activity, we don’t want to lose our purpose of providing a gospel-centered education every day for every student.  This year we are centering around the theme of “Rooted” from Colossians 2:7&8.  So far, eight students took  my challenge from the first chapel to memorize these verses and then recite it to me.  Several more are working on the memorizing.

As I was preparing for the first chapel about ‘rooted in Jesus’ I found several new discoveries. There are two types of roots –  tap roots and fibrous roots. The purpose of a root is to hold the plant firmly in the ground, absorb the nutrients, move the nutrients and store the nutrients. As believers, we become rooted in our faith by reading the Bible and praying. Reading the Bible holds our faith firmly in the truths of God, His love, His coming to earth to live, Jesus’s death for our salvation and the promise of forgiveness and heaven for eternity.  As we ‘absorb’ His word daily getting the light for our path and direction for our life, we can then move or ‘spread’ those truths to others. Memorizing the Bible ‘stores’ it in our hearts for God to use in our lives in His timing. 

I was traveling to Crater Lake while reading about roots and what I discovered was life changing. Gardeners plant a pretty dead looking seed into the ground hoping for a strong healthy plant with a flower or produce as a result.  Do you know what the very first root that dead seed sends out is called? RADICLE – not misspelled. I was blown away by the thought of God asking us to let our roots grow down deep into Him which is such a radical idea! Everything God has done for us is radical! He sent His Son to rescue us from death, gives us a radically different life, through the Holy Spirit, teaching, correcting, and training us, using His word is really quite radical!! All the people we read about in scripture, when they encounter God, radical things happened. Jesus did radical things for people and in that showed us how to live. When he talked with outcasts, healed with ordinary mud, fed 1,000’s, raised people from the dead, it wasn’t just about the physical. It was about their hearts, that is forever life changing! Dying to self, like that little dead seed, absorbing the Word to change my life in ‘radicle’ ways, then spreading that joy, hope and peace is a life worth living. This is the vision for our students being rooted in Jesus!

Mrs. Barb Tusant

Elementary Principal