Continuing our theme in primary chapel we learned “What the Bible Says… About One Another”.  Of the 59 ‘one anothers’ in the Bible, we chose 3 to sing about and put into practice. Love one another, be kind to one another and be patient with one another. As you notice these are not conditional or options, but commands. To be loving, kind and patient with one another is an impossibility without the Holy Spirit in us to ‘clear’ out the unkind actions, unloving ways and impatience with others. Using a solution that is dark brown representing our self-centered sins, we then poured in the ‘clear’ Holy Spirit that totally made all that selfishness disappear. It was an object lesson to remember!

In the intermediate chapel we are studying David this week as the Warrior and Incognito King. David was a young man after God’s heart, being prepared to be King, but remained the shepherd for his father. In addition to singing and playing for tormented Saul, David was serving his soldier brothers. There on the front lines of the battle David hears Goliath’s mockery of God and without hesitation defeats that giant of defiance. What a difference between the boastful, self-centered, mocker, Goliath, and the humble, God fearing, fearless David. Which one are you more like? All of us were blessed by students studying I Samuel 17.

These students defeated the “Goliath” of candy sales by being the top sellers of See’s Candy bars. Congratulations, Chlarice and Layton!

Mrs. Barb Tusant

Elementary Principal