Sophomore Ollie Moeckel carries a full academic load. His schedule includes Economics, Spanish 2, Algebra 2, British Literature, Art, P.E., and Study Hall. What you would expect for a 16-year-old. What you may not expect, is that Ollie attends his classes only one day per week.

Ollie is part of Northwest Christian Schools’ Homeschool Program which meets each Thursday at Crossover Church. He’s been part of the program since 7th grade, having been taught at home by his mother, Cindy, prior to that.

For Cindy, no longer being Ollie’s primary teacher was a bit of an adjustment. But the maturity and growth in responsibility and discipline she sees in him is amazing.

“I can’t say enough about the program,” Cindy says. “It is so well rounded and is helping prepare Ollie for college.”

Ollie plays on the NWCS boys’ soccer team and is also a Boy Scout. “I’m currently working on my Eagle Scout,” he says. “I’m the project leader for a hunting blind for wheelchair-bound veterans.”

In the fall Ollie plans to do Running Start at Spokane Community College where he’ll work on a welding certificate that will eventually lead to a program at the Divers Institute of Technology, located in Seattle.

“I love the water,” he says, “I’ve earned every water merit badge in Scouts.”

When asked what he is most grateful for about the NWCS Homeschool Program, Ollie says, “I’ve made a lot of great friends. I also like that I can manage my schoolwork throughout the week, so I have time for things like skiing, rock climbing, backpacking, and mountaineering.”

Cindy sums it up like this,

“I cannot promote this program enough. It has made Ollie responsible, mature, and well-rounded in academics. The curriculum is Bible-based and points towards Jesus. This is a great way to prepare students for college.”


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