Mission Statement

To nurture the heart, mind and will of each student in the things of God through Bible-centered academics, encouraging them toward a life of fruitful service in the home and church, on the job and in the community.


To Provide a Gospel-Centered Education Every Day for Every Student.


To prepare minds & transform the hearts of each student in the things of God through gospel-centered academics, encouraging them toward a life of fruitful service in the home and church, on the job and in the community.


To be a premier Christian school serving the Spokane area with quality education. Northwest Christian Schools is a community of faculty, students, families and supporters who are working together with excellence and a commitment to educate and disciple students to become leaders within the church, community and world.

Core Values

Honoring God in all endeavors.
Regarding the Bible as God’s inspired, written Word and as foundational to all subjects.
Seeking God’s wisdom and direction through prayer in every decision.
Exemplifying Christ-like character.
Helping students reach their full potential in Christ.
Supporting the family and local church.
Providing education marked by excellence in curriculum and instruction.
Operating with financial integrity.

Expected Outcomes

We will exalt God with humble attitudes and wise actions. (James. 3:13, I Cor. 10:31)
We will think and act biblically, and teach practical and accessible methods which support a Christian worldview. (II Tim. 2:15)
We will pray according to God’s perfect character with faith and dependence upon Him. (John 14:13)
We will demonstrate integrity, personal holiness and fervent love for others. (II Cor. 7:1, I Peter 4:8)
We will graduate students that will display Christ-like characteristics, biblical discernment and loving respect for God and others.(I John 2:20)
We will support the values of our Christian families and our local Biblical churches. (Ecc. 4:12)
We will expect our teachers to be leaders who work as teams to inspire students to be diligent, creative and life-long learners.(Romans 12:1-2)
We will be above reproach within our constituencies and community. (Heb. 13:18)

Integrating Biblical Truth

NWC_HS_065We teach the Word of God in all curriculum and actively encourage students to pursue a relationship with Jesus. Bible classes are interactive and probing. Weekly chapels focus on practical application and joyful worship.

Encouraging Critical Thinking

Reading comprehension is the cornerstone of critical thinking. Students are taught to critically evaluate and articulate effectively in both written word and speech.

Honoring Our Nation’s History

Our Nation’s founding documents reflect Judeo-Christian values and honor our Creator. The freedoms we hold dear were hard fought and won. Although imperfect, we love and pray for our country and its leaders.

Providing Accountability

Personal responsibility is modeled and expected; grace and truth walk hand-in-hand. Thoughtful guidelines and involved teachers, staff, and coaches encourage individual expression that is modest and actions that are honoring to others.

Mentoring the Heart

Our halls are filled with joy and laughter. Students develop deep relationships with teachers and coaches who daily invest in their lives. Prayer happens. Hearts are transformed. God is glorified.