EDP_4337The Strings Program at Northwest Christian Schools currently serves grades 4-7.

Instruments taught in the program are violin, viola and cello.  Families are responsible to rent or purchase instruments for their students from reputable music stores that deal with stringed instruments.

Focus for the class is on the following principles.  First, since music and the ability to make music was created by God, our students are taught to use their skills and gifts to glorify Him. Secondly, since playing a stringed instrument requires the attainment of a variety of skills (correct instrument position, carefully listening and matching of tones, and the ability to read music) students are expected to give full attention to in-class instruction and practice regularly at home through the week.

The curriculum for the class is New Directions for Strings, a study method designed for classroom use with attention to important technical details.  Additional sheet music is introduced by the second year of instruction.  Students are also encouraged to experiment with improvisational playing which can be useful for young musicians wishing to participate in groups such as bands or worship teams.