enrichmentThis summer NWC promoted a new summer enrichment camp for one week each in July and August. The program was spearheaded by Mrs. Gretchen Cooper who desired to bring an artistic and exciting camp experience to our empty summer building!

There were multiple classes that students could choose – from Engineering and Building, Cooking by Course, and Survival Skills, to Adventures in Art, Chess Club, Beginning Piano, and Theater. On Monday, camp commenced with children worshipping and praising the Lord! Throughout the week, the kids experienced hands-on activities presented by their teachers.

On Friday, all of the students, parents, and teachers gathered for a showcase performance. Each enrichment class had something to present: a play about safe cooking tips in the kitchen, protecting chicken eggs from heights by containers engineered from everyday household items, a skit about

If I could relive my life, I would devote my entire ministry to reaching children for God! -Dwight Moody

Jesus and the disciples performed by the theater class, and from the chess class, strategies on how to corner a king.
The distinguishing element of these summer camps was the loving teachers who shared their passion for Christ and His love woven throughout their lessons, activities, worship and adventures!