This month of December we are supporting the Union Gospel Mission with a Barbecue Food Drive.  According to UGM, these are items that are often overlooked when donating to food banks and they are running low, to the point of being out of many of the basic condiments items that supplement barbecues: ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, pickles, and so on. Our classes have been competing in hopes of blessing the UGM and winning an end-of-December class barbeque. The class that donates the most (measured by weight) will get to celebrate their generosity together at the end of the day no Friday.

Many of the students were able to take a trip to WinCo with Mr. Wells and purchase some barbecue items for the Barbecue Food Drive. There’s nothing like going grocery shopping during the school day! Thanks to the students and families that participated in blessing an amazing organization the spreads the love of God in our community.