While November has passed and December is officially underway, November cannot be forgotten; it has left its mark on our student body and staff. In the first full week of November our juniors went to the National College Fair and our entire student body was challenged by Mr. Leo and his incredible Bible memorizing skills in our Veterans’ Day chapel. Our football team wrapped up their season and we sent three cross country athletes to the Cross-Country State Championships. Throw in a Knowledge Bowl competition and an FBLA conference, and you can see November was determined to keep us as busy as October had.

NWCS Juniors head to the National College Fair.

During the second full week, seniors spent the day serving the Union Gospel Mission and its many ministries in Spokane, and our girls’ soccer and volleyball teams presented a $1400 check to Every Woman Can – an amazing organization dedicated to helping women have lived with or are living with cancer. We are grateful and send out a hearty THANK YOU to the Chewelah volleyball team for taking part in our Get Pink fundraiser that raised that money. The juniors took over our chapel time that Wednesday and ran an amazing lip-sync battle where the superb non-singing talents of our juniors, sophomore, and freshmen were showcased. Our Cyber-Patriot team took part in another great competition, and the girls soccer team competed in the State Quarterfinals while the girls volleyball team went to the Volleyball State Championships (earning a hard fought second place)! To provide the finishing touches to the week, the theater class put on three excellent performances of Little Women.

But November had just a bit more to offer; while week three gave us a little break (primarily because basketball and wrestling were just underway with their first practices), the fourth week saw another Knowledge Bowl competition, and on Tuesday evening, the cheerleaders hosted our annual Mr. Northwest competition. Eight very talented young men (two from each grade-level) participated in a funny, exciting, and fiercely competitive talent show where the winner was crowned Mr. Northwest for the year. Congratulations to Zach Zwanzig for earning that honor! Though November was fantastic, we all were looking forward to the Thanksgiving Break; I hope your Thanksgiving was a blessing.

Senior Zach Zwanzig crowned Mr. Northwest!

We now head into December; I pray that God blesses you during this Christmas season. We look forward to and amazing month of basketball games, wrestling meets, holiday activities, a Christmas choir and band concert, Knowledge Bowl and Cyber-Patriot competitions, and of course, Christmas vacation! We continue to value your prayers as – through all the activities and events – we are committed to provide quality, Bible-based, relational education every day for every student. Thanks to the grace of God, we have not only survived an active and fast-paced three months of school, we continue to grow our roots deeper into God’s truth and our amazing Northwest Christian community. God bless you and have a Merry Christmas.

Christopher Wells

Dean of Students NWCHS