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The Fine Arts are valued at Northwest Christian Schools as gifts from our Creator.  The arts add depth, dimension, spontaneity, and joy to life.  Students are inspired by quality educators who are accomplished and active in their field.  Through the arts, each child learns discipline, empathy, creative problem solving and confidence.  Because of art experiences, students are better equipped to excel in all areas of study.  Each person is created to create and to bring glory to Christ with a unique and exuberant voice.

The Fine Arts at NWCS include quality instruction in visual arts, choral, instrumental and theater education.   Throughout K – 12, students explore their creativity in the visual arts using a variety of methods and mediums, allowing them to glorify God with their talents and abilities.  Opportunities to showcase their creative work occur frequently during the school year.  NWCS has been blessed with a talented and rapidly growing music program. Choral and instrumental music programs are introduced to students at the elementary level and continue with advanced instruction and excellence at the middle and high school levels. The High School Theater Department is a hallmark of NWCS and is well-known in the region for the superior quality of its annual performances.   Excellence is evident as students discover theater as a form of worship.

Dr. Eugene Fadel Fine Arts Endowment

In light of the importance of fine arts in the education of each child, the NWCS Board of Regent and the NWCS Foundation decided on a long-term investment…an investment with high returns in the lives of our students.  This $1.2 million endowment will help elevate, bolster and sustain the arts at Northwest Christian Schools.

For more information on how to contribute to this Endowment and further the fine arts at NWCS, click here.