The academic program at Northwest Christian Junior High serves as an important bridge between elementary and high school. All of our academic effort is guided by our Enduring Understandings, what we want the students to know about God.  As students discover more about how great God is, they are better prepared to fully grasp how He is the author and creator of all of the subjects we teach.

Led by a passionate and skilled faculty, Junior High students are continually challenged to problem solve, think critically and gain a better understanding of the world around them. We strive to implement a balanced approach to education. We implement technology into the classroom in powerful ways but also understand the benefits of developing foundational skills that will enable the students to be better prepared for high school and on into college or the work force.


The use of technology is an integral part of the students’ educational journey in our Junior High. Technology allows students to expand their knowledge and understanding beyond the textbooks as they  seek to deepen their knowledge about the world around them. Our staff and students use the Microsoft Office Suite which allows for enhanced collaboration between teachers and students as well as increased avenues to effectively record and present knowledge. With our “Bring Your Own Device” policy, as well as School-purchased devices, we operate at a 1 to 1, device to student ratio, ensuring that all students have access to the tools and resources that they need to be successful.

Learning Center:

The Junior High Learning Center offers students who need a little bit of extra assistance an opportunity to work one on one with tutors during the school day. We offer customizable  reading programs, a direct instruction small group setting for math, and the Barton program for students with dyslexia. Our goal is to meet the needs to all students no matter where they are at academically.