On Wednesday, February 27th, Northwest Christian High School students hosted “A Lunch In Burundi,” a lunch event for the community to raise money for NWC’s very own French teacher and cross-country coach, Come Nzibarega. Earlier this school year, Mr. Nzibarega, or Mr. Z as we all affectionately call him, had a dream to travel back to his home country of Burundi for a 4 week stay after being away for over 12 years. Now, with the U.S. citizenship he earned last year in hand, he is almost prepared to make the nearly 19-hour plane ride and turn his dream into a reality. Rest assured, he won’t be going without some extra support.

Mr. Z. will travel back to his home country of Burundi for a 4 week stay after being away for over 12 years.

Back in December of 2018, the High School student body collected almost 250 pairs of new and gently used shoes for Mr. Z to bring with him and to give to the children in need in Burundi. However, the students felt a calling to do even more to show the love and compassion of Christ. In response to this “call to action,” the Northwest Christian’s FBLA chapter (Future Business Leaders of America), along with the ASB, planned and hosted “A Lunch In Burundi” to help raise more awareness about the situation in Burundi and gain extra funds for the costs of the trip. The lunch was held in the high school cafeteria during both school lunches, and a scrumptious Burundian meal of beans and plantains, seasoned chicken, and rice was served over flatbread with a delicious spicy sauce and banana cupcakes or mango lime bars for dessert. The event drew attention from many visitors outside the school community, and over 250 students, staff, families, and visitors laughed and drew closer together in Christ’s love that day.

In total, just over $465 was earned from the lunch alone. The most humbling part of the experience, however, was the extra $310 that were donated through an online fundraiser (which is still open for contributions at www.nwcs.org/give-to-nwcs/ ) The FBLA chapter is now proud to present Mr. Z with almost $800 for his trip home, and they will be showcasing the event and its preparation at their state competition in April.  A huge thank you to all who have donated to this wonderful cause, and as always, God bless.

-Written by Bella Tibbetts

NWC 10th Grader