As the month of March was approaching, the Middle School staff and 8th grade Leadership class, decided that we should put a twist on the normal March Madness rituals. On March 20, we loaded the buses and headed up to the High School to invade the large gym, small gym, and Activity Center foyer. Throughout the earlier weeks, Middle School students signed up for a variety of competitions and created teams to participate in the different activities. The goal was for each team to have representatives from different grades in order to encourage interacting with other ages.  The activities included: 3- on-3 basketball tournaments, coloring competitions, free-throw competitions, and 3-point shooting competitions.  There was also a time to cheer for other teams.  The winners of each activity received soda or other sweet drinks to celebrate their victories. Thank you to those who helped with the planning and preparations of our March Madness activities and congrats to our winners!

By Addison Burns, 7th grade