March 2019

Spiritual Emphasis Week – Loving Others

Earlier last month, we took some time as a Middle School to stop thinking only about ourselves (hard for any age but ESPECIALLY hard for middle schoolers) and to think about others and how to better love them.  Continuing to work through our Middle School theme, taken from 1 Timothy 4:12, we provided the students with specific opportunities to love others and in doing so, set an example in the way that they love. One specific opportunity took place at one of our chapels (See pictures).

We had each student group with two other students from different grade levels and answer questions that helped them get to know each other better. Later in the day, the students wrote notes of encouragement to each other expressing things what they appreciated about them. It was a great opportunity for the students to get out of their comfort zone and reach out to students who they would not normally spend time with. We are continuing to trust and pray the Lord will work in the lives of our middle schoolers to grow them into more loving young men and women who consider others as more significant than themselves.

Student-led Conferences

This past week, our Middle School students showcased their learning to their parents during student-led conferences. This was a great time for the students to share their progress, achievements and areas they would like to continue to grow in with their parents. Our desire during the middle school years is that students would begin to take ownership of their learning and start to become confident in who they are as students. We are grateful for the ways which our student-led conferences helped facilitate opportunities for student growth.

Upcoming Events

Coming up on March 20, our Middle School Leadership class will be holding our “March Madness” Spirit Day. Students have been encouraged to form 4-player basketball teams with which they will compete in a half-court tournament that morning. In an effort to continue encouraging students to reach out and form relationships with others outside their close group of friends, each team must be composed of players from all three grade levels. In addition to our 3-on-3 tournament, we will be holding a 3-point and free throw competition. For our non-basketball lovers, we will have many other fun activities for them to take part in that day. As a Middle School, we believe that sprinkling in a little bit of fun in the midst of our academic rigor is good for our students!

All for the Glory of Christ,

Scott Ferguson, MS Principal