Last week, NWCS Art Teacher Mrs. Sinclair took her students outdoors for class on a brisk, fall morning. She said, ” The evidence of God modeled daily in Creation is something we can grow dull to in a world that is technological, and largely conducted indoors. The simple practice of experiencing and exploring nature, as God intended, can sharpen our awareness to His presence in our lives, and help to keep us centered on His truth.”

Mrs. Jana Johnson, the Assistant to Head of Schools, wrote the below paragraph after witnessing students at work on this beautiful fall morning:

This morning I noticed Deb Sinclair’s class out side looking out across the beautiful valley in front of the school, sketching for art class.  The interesting thing about it was, as I focused on running out to grab pictures, I was listening to Deb’s gentle and encouraging instructions to the students.  “As you look out, don’t capture the fog that comes from your breath and runs over your view.  Look at the sky, the frost on the ground”.  Everyone was engaged, talking, discussing what they were seeing, what their perspective was from where they were sitting.  I could tell their experience was one that opened up all of the senses and allowed their minds to run away with creativity. Sitting outside with a blanket around their shoulders, breathing in the beauty and fresh air.  Feeling the breeze, sun, the day upon them.  Quiet, pondering how creation and humanity comes together to create art.  What a beautiful way to start of the school day!

Our students at Northwest Christian Schools are truly blessed!