Pages for Pancakes summer reading started with a blast! We had 86 students signed up in the Reader Zone App with 50 students reaching or surpassing their individual reading goal for a group total of 108,159 minutes read (1803 hours). Last year, 44 students reached or surpassed their individual reading goal with a total of 77,187 minutes read (1287 hours). This year’s increase of 30,972 minutes (516 hours) represents a 40% increase of minutes/hours read. Awesome news!! 

The names of students reaching or surpassing their individual reading goal and the students that were eligible to attend the “Pages for Pancakes” breakfast on Friday, September 20 are listed below. If you see these students around campus, give them a high five and a congratulations on a job well done.

I would like to say a big THANK YOU to my breakfast volunteers.  These volunteers helped with decorating, cooking, greeting, and with clean-up.  Thank you for blessing our students, families, and teachers. NWCS volunteers ROCK! 

Connie Stuhr

Librarian / Elementary Technology Teacher

Students Completing the Summer Reading

K        Emerson T.

K        Caleb S.

K        Michael         T.

1st      Daniel S.

1st      Sienna D.

1st      Colton G-M

1st      Stella H.

1st      Ella W.

1st      Olivia R.

1st      Aimee S.

1st      Mikki C.

1st      Danette R.

1st      Caleb P.

2nd     Presley C.

2nd     Hannah S.

2nd     Jacob S.

2nd     Daisy H.

2nd     Levi D.

2nd     Grant M.

2nd     Sophie H.

3rd     Isaac G.

3rd     Kaitlyn G.

3rd     Logan N.

3rd     Sophie V.

3rd     Mikayla R.

3rd     Ruben T.

3rd     Chloe S.

3rd     Gentry H.

3rd     Lily H.

3rd     Oliver D.

4th     Garrett D.

4th     Kennedi T.

4th     Ian W.

4th     Troy E.

5th     Meghan C.

5th     Ella H.

5th     Jayden G.

5th     Lynea G.

5th     Eden D.

5th     Avery H.

5th     Isaiah G.

5th     Grace G.

Middle School

6th     Joshua D.

6th     Neva S.

6th     Jordan H.

6th     Katie H.

6th     Zoe C.

6th     Jadyn L.

6th     Abbie S.

6th     Hannah S.