baseballFirst Annual NWC Varsity vs. Alumni Baseball Game

By Coach Dan Ferguson

On Saturday, May 3, the Crusader Varsity Baseball team challenged the NWC Baseball Alumni in the first Varsity vs. Alumni baseball game. Most of the alumni hailed from the past decade, but a few brave souls from the 90’s ventured out – Steve Warren (’97) and Eric Bell (-99. The alumni brought their varying levels of baseball talent, some retaining their skills better than others.

In the action packed double header, the Alumni won the first game 15-11 and the Varsity pulled out a win in the second at 13-12. The Biel brothers faced off with the elder, Michael ( ‘09), on the mound striking out his younger brother, Joey (‘16), at the plate. Two innings later, roles were reversed, and Joey walked his big brother.

A shared love of baseball and NWC was the common bond among all these young men who parted after an enjoyable afternoon. See you next year!

Back Row: Dr. Jack Hancock, Joey Kershinar (’15) , Alex Ramsey (’16), Nathan Sander (’16), Brian Henry (’14), Andrew House (’14), Kyle Dorosh (’14), Elijah Hambly (’14), Jacob Slawter (’15), Zach Taylor (’14), Scotty Miller (’14), John Mark McCord (’15), Nathan Jones (’17), Mr. Dan Ferguson, Bryant Carrozzo (’16), Joey Biel (’16), Mr. Aaron Spuler

Front Row: Peyton Gray (’13), Matt Kershinar (’13), Gavin Clayton (’13), David Yoppini (’13), Jake Kershinar (’09), Michael Biel (’09), Spencer Bron (’11), Marshall Hart (’12), Jake Winfrey (’11), Daniel Holland (’11), Hunter Bradeen (’11), BJ Bell (’07), Sam Williams (’09), Justin Loiseau (’09)

Not Pictured: John Profit (’00), Eric Bell (’99), Steve Warren (’97)

1974alumsClass of 1974

On June 21st we celebrated our 40-year reunion. Nineteen classmates, two teachers and many spouses met at Northwest Christian Schools Lower Campus for a relaxed evening of 70’s music, tacos, iced coffee and conversation. Kathy (Hart) DeLaMatter transformed the new NWC Lower Campus multipurpose room into the perfect setting. The familiar closeness our class has always enjoyed quickly resumed. Our special greeters for the evening were grandchildren of Cliff and Michelle West who are now third generation NWC students! Candy (Wold) Donaldson assembled a fun memorabilia table that sparked flashes of the past. Scotte Meredith and Doug Sampson paid special tribute to our classmates who have now gone on ahead: Cheryl (Seely) Tangen, Dan Marlett, Caroline Brown and Julie Kroneman. While everyone joined in and updated us on what had been happening in their lives, special testimonies were shared by Jewel (Star) Floch, Ed Taylor and Lisa (Dormaier) Lewis. Dave Schultz traveled the farthest, hailing from Merrillville, Indiana. We certainly missed those that could not attend. We hope you make plans to come to the 45th, which is slated for June 2019.

Front Row: Left -Candy (Wold) Donaldson, Kathy (Hart) DeLaMatter, Michelle (Modisett) West, Jewel (Starr) Floch, Jeannie (MacDonald) Bryant, Lisa (Dormaier) Lewis, Karen Getman (Teacher), Jim Korver (Teacher)

Back Row: Left – Don Seely, Mark Cronrath, Doug Sampson, Randy Kubes, Cliff West, Dave Schultz, Ed Taylor, Barry Hotrum, Mike Moore, Becky (Pierce) Moser, Scotte Meredith, Shawn (Fletcher) Wilson, Connie (Calvert) McLaughlin

alums1994Class of 1994

The Class of 1994 gathered at Twigs Bistro for an alumni and significant other dinner on Friday, June 20th to celebrate our 20-year reunion! We were all so amazed at how fast time has flown by. Nine classmates were able to attend the dinner along with our spouses. We caught up on our pasts and ventured into our future plans. On Saturday, June 21st, Dan and Melissa Iverson opened up their home for a family BBQ complete with all the fixings. It was a great time to see everyone’s kids and continue conversations from the night before. We truly missed all of our classmates that were not able to attend. Hopefully, it won’t be as long until we can spend time together again!

Pictured: Jody (Walters) Erdman, Melissa (Tusant) Iverson, Angela (Mortimore) Downey, Shawnell (Henshaw) LaSalle, Erin Fanazick, Klayton Dresher, Ben VanGerpen, Kari (Kaufman) Coe, Heidi (Soberg) VanGerpen

2004alumsClass of 2004

Our class reunion was held on July 19 at Twigs. Although it was a small group, a good time was had. Classmates, spouses, and significant others enjoyed eating yummy food, catching up with each other, and telling stories.  Kids, remodeled houses, various professions – it’s amazing where 10 years will take you!

Pictured: Eleacia Walser, Hilary (Nelli) Perrine, Melody Getman, Christopher Peterson, Dereck Gade, Amber (Vanden Berg) Ross, Lauren Turner, Steve Vandenburg, Tacy Mitchell