One of the greatest joys in Christian education is watching students read God’s word together. In a recent regular visit to Mrs. Jones’s 4th grade classroom, I was able to watch groups of students, heads together, highlighting Scripture passages in their Bibles, talking about the meaning of the text, and then answering questions together about what the Word was speaking to them about their own lives.

Studying God’s Word

Similarly, in Mr. Huseland’s 5th grade class, he led the class through original writings of St. Patrick and a study of how the Gospel was brought to Ireland by Patrick, a former slave from Britain who felt he had been called by God to bring the gospel from his homeland back to the place of his captivity. The transformation of this young pastor from slave to sonship was phenomenal and something many students and adults never have the opportunity to hear.

I am truly thankful that our classrooms intentionally teach Truth. It is powerful to watch young students come alive for the reading of God’s word. What a privilege to integrate each subject area beyond Bible classes through the lens of biblical thinking as the power of the Holy Spirit is at work in young lives.