STEM Club is open for any students who want to expand their science and engineering knowledge while having fun. Join for free for the remainder of the year and each week the club will complete a different experiment/project. Students are not required to come to every single meeting to be involved.

Mrs. Lindsey provides a letter of recommendation for students who actively participate in the meetings. All HS students are invited to attend. Dates are listed below and subject to change (check the school calendar for the most up-to-date meeting times):

January 27th – Forensics – Solve a Murder Using Forensics Techniques  

February 24th – Anat and Phys – Cell/Body Communications 

March 23rd – Lets blow stuff up! – Carbon dioxide bombs, mentos and soda explosions etc. 

April 27th – NASA heat shield engineering project 

May 18th – possible meeting, TBD