What has refreshments, competition with lots of loud enthusiastic cheering, and a skit of the Sower and the Seed? Pastor Appreciation Chapel! Our special guests in chapel today were area Pastors. The purpose of inviting them was to enable them to connect with each other, encourage them to continue in teaching the word and to enlighten as to what we do here everyday in giving students a Biblical world view.

The fifth grade recited James 1 songs and did an outstanding job. We then had a friendly competition between 4 Pastors and 4 students answering questions about James 1. The Pastors were leading 4 to 0 when the fifth graders rebounded! The score was tied at 5-5 when the Pastors answered the tie breaking question. The audience cheered each team on enthusiastically.

We finished chapel with 4th graders acting out the story of the seeds falling on a well-used path, thorny ground, rocky ground and fertile ground. Being rooted in Christ, our theme this year, means we need a heart that is receptive to the seeds, the word of God, producing fruit and not destroyed by troubles, distractions and pleasures.

Thank you to our area pastors for their dedication to our school families and our students! We are so grateful for you!